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The physics-based player impact engine also makes a return, albeit in an older, less-refined form. You meet, and control, one of Sly’s relatives in each episode, and each visit to the past also gives you a new costume. After installation and several updates, the client greets you with some systracer 2.4 cinematic, Final Fantasy-esque fanfare. Your teammates all have some odd, but endearing, quirks. Engineers can also deploy temporary turrets, while the soldier, medic, and scout all have grenades that bestow ammo, health, and increased enemy visibility, respectively.

Systracer 2.4

Systracer 2.4

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The four- to five-hour campaign has no thrust to it; it feels the same from beginning to end, and the finale just drops with a thud. For the most part.
Miranda Goshawk’s Book of Spells is an augmented reality game aimed at giving you the chance to feel like you are playing systracer 2.4 with such powers, and thanks to some clever hardware tricks, it largely succeeds. He can disable dinosaurs with his slow-firing net gun and wields two pistols that can be fired (and reloaded) systracer 2.4 independently. Mastering one single weapon feels like a game in itself, and the difference between using, say, greatswords or dual blades results in a huge variety in how you approach combat.

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