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Page 40 Set all channels automatically [Auto Tuning] Automatically retune all channels received in the area. Select the menu Example: Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the doenload or the continuity of the services.

Panasonic Manuals

Depending on the conditions of the SD Card, the recording may not work properly. Para solicitar ayuda EE. Enter the PIN number to watch.

Select programme Record Start recording Sownload to change the code Each type of the Panasonic equipment has its own remote control code.

Basic Connection External equipment and cables shown are not supplied with this TV. Page 72 [Slideshow] – Slideshow completes when all photos are viewed within the list. For more detailed panasobic, refer to the Operating Instructions. Please consult the suppliers of contents or programmes for availability of this service. If water spills onto the Plasma TV or foreign objects get inside it, a short-circuit may occur which could result in fire or electric shock.

When noises occur due to the static electricity, etc. Wear the 3D Eyewear and enjoy the 3D photos.

If [Signal Quality] is ussr in red, check disappearing image in aerial. This manual also for: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Viera th-l42et5hViera th-l47et5h.


Page 27 Please consult the suppliers of contents or programmes for availability of this service. Assembling The Pedestal Otherwise the TV may fall over and become damaged, and personal injury may result.

For additional assistance, visit us at: For additional details, please refer to the wall-hanging bracket installation manual. Use HDMI2 for connecting an amplifier.

Free Panasonic PDF User Manuals Download & Preview – testkey

Use with any other type of optional accessories may cause instability. Language Adjusts the clock. Update Digital TV channel automatically [Update Channel List] Digital TV You can add new channels, delete removed channels, update channel name and position automatically to the channel list. Page 94 FAQs Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these simple guides to resolve the problem. VIERA Connect allows you to access some specific websites supported by Panasonic, and enjoy internet contents such as videos, games, communication tools, etc.

Pdd To assure continued compliance, follow the attached installation instructions and use only shielded interface cables when connecting to computer or peripheral devices. Change the code according to the equipment you want to operate.

Check foreign objects are not inside the USB port. Updating the TV Software A new version of software may be released for download to enhance the performance or operations of the TV.

During set-up, make sure that all screws are securely tightened. Use fully wired HDMI compliant cable.

Page 7 Do not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or physically damaged. Page 25 Select programme Record Start recording How to change the code Each type of the Panasonic equipment has its own remote control code.

Sets to control the TV with the devices connected to the network p. Maintenance First, remove the mains plug from the socket outlet. Advanced Picture Settings You can adjust and setup the detailed picture settings for each Viewing Mode. To connect the equipment, the terminal adaptor supplied is necessary.

When the start time comes, the channel will be switched automatically and the video and audio signals will be output. Don’t have an account? Select the mode p. Auto Tuning Search and store TV channels automatically.