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The Piano Club Forums. There’s a massive amount of information here, and I hope that the Faber crew will be continuing the series with pedagogical guides beyond the primer level. Lots of valuable information here, including information on switching to Piano Adventures, motivating students, utilizing technology, theory, and supplementation.

Here are some quick links to various books in the Piano Adventures series: Again, lots of great information, including stuff on practice habits, finding a teacher, the importance of performing, and sibling issues.

In the last few years, one of the meethods that I keep coming back to for many different types of students is the Faber Piano Adventures series.

Faber-Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1

Registration is required, but free. Thanks for such a comprehensive list. Instructional book for piano.

Each issue deals with one level of the series 8 have been released so far, detailing matters related to teaching from Primer through Level 5. Glossary of Musical Terms.

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I did not like the series I used as a beginner and I feel like everyone only talks about the My First Piano Adventure series There are more comprehensive glossaries on the internet, but the terms on the Faber glossary integrate nicely with the concepts you’ll find in the Piano Adventures series. In addition, there are articles on subjects such as rhythm, pre-reading, creativity, technique, steps vs. My First Piano Tour. Here are only a few of the possible paths through the series: Posted by Chris Foley at 9: Topics covered include videos about young learners, a course guide, and a video lesson guide.

Fortunately, the FJH Music Company now has a fair amount of free online resources available to teachers and students. Here are some of them:. Here is a video of my youngest playing a few weeks ago: My youngest started at age 3.

piano adventures

This is a community devoted to discussions of i ssues such as teaching materials, teaching issues, motivation, teaching adults, and the business of teaching, to name only a few. You can read all the back issues on PDF files, as well as sign up for future issues dowbload the newsletter.

With a huge number of lesson, technique, theory, note-speller, and performance books to choose from, the Piano Adventures series has numerous routes through it for different types of students and teachers. Finally, take a look at the two most famous piano students in the United States today.

Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills. This recent method targeted towards teaching very young piano students was introduced only recentlyand integrates with Level 1 of Piano Adventures at the end of the series.

FF See more info Newer Post Older Post Home. Written for ages 5 and 6, My First Piano Adventure captures the child’s playful spirit. Each concept and piece introduced in the Primer level has a description of how you might teach it, as well as an instructional video.