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Optical system The optical system mainly consists of the laser beam, lenses, prism, photo-detectors and also mirrors. No the power requirement is 5 volts for logic and 12 volt for analog and 15 to 24 volts for the amplifier part. The spindle is held in its position with the help of small gears and belts that are attached internally.

Thanks for this information Pls Mr. Since most of the parts of a DVD player is made by suppliers, they rely dvd player circuit diagram pdf download other companies for good quality. Dvd player circuit diagram pdf download optical system also requires a motor to drive it. The DVD design is similar to a CD a reflective silver layer in the centre and a semi-transparent gold layer on the top of it. The optical system mainly consists of the laser beam, lenses, prism, photo-detectors and also mirrors.

Please is it possible to improvise and obtain the voltage of the different part of the disk drive mechanism using a USB?

After manufacturing the DVD also, the working performance is tested. As for me, am stil in my first year of 2yrs Dip in the study of Electrical and Electronics. Therefore, I would realy like to learn more about Troubleshooting, and Repair of Consumer Electronics.

The laser system and photo-detector is placed together on a single platform. Previous post Next post. The whole package is then placed dvs an outer plastic housing with a front panel with the buttons for various operations. The output of this dcd will be the input for the disc-drive. Some players have an pfd feed system in which, there will be no tray. Thorough inspections in both the visual as well as electrical divisions must be done most of the time.

Mirrors are also used to change the spot. The laser diode as well as other diodes is made with the help of glass. Though the laser hits a single spot, the DVD moves in a circular motion so dvd player circuit diagram pdf download the entire area is covered.

All this must be done in a very clean environment so that the board does dvd player circuit diagram pdf download become contaminated by dust.

To know this process it is essential to know the basics of a DVD. Single layer can hold only up to 4. This specification must be met by them. The mechanism will also have a disc feed — a loading tray that is used to accept the DVD from the user.

To know more about it, click on the link below. They are later brought together and assembled at one place.

Dvd Player Circuit Diagram

This has to be successfully decoded and decompressed by the DVD player. The degree of quality varies according to the flaws in the assembling process.

The lenses and mirrors should be highly polished and cleaned before placing them. Where is the hardware circuit?

Working of DVD Player – Electronic Circuits and Diagrams-Electronic Projects and Design

The basic working of a DVD player is shown below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Vownload is about nanometers lesser than the wavelength of CD, which enables dvd player circuit diagram pdf download to have a higher density of pits. This laser will be reflected differently according to the change of pits and bumps. A DVD does not have the dowlnoad to hold hi-def movies.

To see the adverse effects of these players in different temperatures, the tests will be carried out in excessive heat as well as humidity.