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If you do not qualify then your other mains papers will not electrical drives by gk dubey pdf download evaluated. Hence, selective preparation is the best preparation. The only problem is lack of clarity, otherwise it is a helpful source. Tk did you think of the exam? Students coming from non- electronics background must make some extra effort to master this section thoroughly. Yet, if you are hard pressed for time, you can be selective about any one section.

Study Materials | IAS Smart Study Tips | Page 6

After this part is over write the conclusion part in detail in the rough pff. Here, you should not spend too much time and also should not read from end to end, but only scan for areas that you have not done before or some new facts.

By innovation in answers what is meant is —. Srinivas for caste issues, Ram Ahuja for social issues and L.

Out of the 6 topics, one topic would generally be related to philosophical issue, unless one is confident it is better to opt it out. But with some basic understanding, economy can become very scoring because of 15 two-mark questions.

Indeed a lowering of quality usually results when mass production electrical drives by gk dubey pdf download substituted for more primitive methods. Only those candidates who have qualified in the Preliminary Examination in a year will be eligible for admission to the Main Examination.

Is it fine if I could send electrical drives by gk dubey pdf download pictures of the question paper to the given email address? If you follow a wrong strategy, you are the person who is donwload to lose not the coaching institute not the person who had given you free suggestions.

In interview- you are assessed right from the moment you enter. It is decisive because there is no specialization in an essay and so no aspirant can claim expertise, unlike optional subjects. This will also help a lot in prelims.

But do see previous years papers to gain familiarity. In the interview, a score around is a normal performance. But rubey may not come every year. Find antonym of the underlined word.

It does not fetch you any extra credit. So while preparing you should be aware of the inter-linkages between various topics. Firstly, it gives you insights and case studies on various social institutions like religion, politics, social structure, economics etc.

Do lot of practice from previous years papers. The momentum of a body is always conserved 3. Personnel selection and training.

He should have in- depth professional knowledge, self confidence, good communication skills, analytical in his thinking, flexible and not rigid, must be able to inspire and motivate his colleagues and his sub-ordinates. They should, however, have an overall view elecctrical the paper with focus on emerging trends like education, religion and economic developments.

Be elecrical to any information that appears in the newspapers. List — II [Headquarters] 1. Convey to them the message that you are the person electrical drives by gk dubey pdf download are looking for.

In the sports page just spend time on recognizing the personalities and tournaments, which can be asked in exam. In addition to this, you should make an effort to downliad a contemporary touch by quoting recent examples to make your answers better than the average ones.

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Many engineers are taking arts optionals instead of sciences. It becomes difficult to sustain the momentum on your own.

Introduction chapter is to be studied well as it deals with the basic evolution of the subject and the trends. They are only testing if the candidate has basic understanding on the technological developments. It requires lot of introspection. These papers are only of qualifying nature, but at the same time cannot be ignored. These could be used when you attempt questions from Socio-Cultural Anthropology. The areas to be covered are the history from ancient to modern period.

There is a common tendency among engineers to treat electrical drives by gk dubey pdf download questions too mathematically. Characteristics and construction of standardised psychological tests.

At the same time the GS should be done regularly. Do not try to pre-suppose situations in the Personality Test.

UPSC CDS 1 Answer Key 2018 | Question Paper, Answers & Cut Off

The aspirant should spend good amount of time in mastering the drivfs map. It covers every aspect of the examination at every stage of the examination including how to prepare, what to prepare, where to prepare, how to chose optional subjects, how to write the exam, how to prepare for interview, etc.

Otherwise you will have a fuzzy head and you will have a confused personality. The efforts will be useful for all stages of the exam.

Do not merely go by the advertisements. Measurement of attitudes, values and interests. The chapter on Accountability is scoring.