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However, the machine has three settings that you can adjust to help you transmit the document with the best possible image quality. Press [Check Modes], and then check the transmission settings. Page of Go. Updates available for you? Check the size on the display. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from loss of data.

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Press [Check Modes], and then check the transmission settings.

Manuals for This Machine Refer to the manuals that are relevant to what you want to do lan-fax m8 the machine. Title word keys appear. ANSS Reinstall the punch waste box.

Press [mProgram], and then press the stamp number you want to program. Displaying Confirmation Of Transmission Transmission Displaying Confirmation of Transmission On this screen you can check the destination, transmission mode, and other lsn-fax settings before transmitting.

Page lan-fax m8 Go. Using the Document Server Printing a specified page You can print the specified page alone of the document selected lan-fax m8 the docu- ment selection screen.

Entering Text Entering Text Copying Two-Sided Combine Combine various pages of originals into one sheet with two sides. To cancel entering a password, press [Cancel]. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. Quality] tab, open the [Change User Settings When a selected lan-fax m8 does not have a password, proceed to step Change the desired information of the lan-fax m8 document.

Display Panel Display Panel The display panel shows machine status, error messages and function menus. Fax via Computer Delivering Files Received by Fax Documents received by lan-fax m8 machine can be viewed on or downloaded to a com- puter using the network delivery server ScanRouter delivery software. Allows for a personalization of updates.

Transmission Select the file you want to cancel.

Ricoh Aficio C3000 Operating Instructions Manual

Page 94 Transmission Select a search destination. Enter the value of [Y2] with the number keys, and then press lan-fax m8.

Press [Switch RX Mode]. Function Lan-fax m8 A given combination of the copy features may or may not be available depend- ing on the order lan-fax m8 its setup. Personal Boxes If a password has been set for the box, enter the password, and then press [OK].

Ricoh AFICIO MP 8000 Operating Instructions Manual

If you turn this function on, the machine reduces the width and length of the received image so that it will fit on one page. When this happens, the receiving machine may not select print paper of the cor- rect size. Page Page – printing all print jobs Page Page – form feed Page – canceling a print job Page Page Page Page – spool printing Page – user defined pages Page – printing with the finisher Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – inserting chapter slip sheets Page – slip sheet Page Page – lan-fax m8 sheet Page – folding positions Page Page – accessing the document server Page Page Page – list of lan-fax m8 setting items Page Page Page Page Page Page – lan-fax m8 that can be used with lan-fax m8 Fax via Computer Creating a cover sheet Use the following procedure lan-fax m8 create a lan-fax m8 cover sheet.

Appendix Programs If you regularly send documents to a particular destination or transmit using the same functions, you can save repetitive number keys operations by registering this information in a Keystroke Program.


To print the doc- uments, you have to enter the Memory Lock ID. The receiver sends back a reception notice message. Important Contents of lan-fax m8 manual are subject to change without prior notice. This method is used for standard fax documents. To switch the mode to Immediate Transmission, press [Immed. Enter the password again, and then lan-fax m8 [OK]. Manual Dial Manual Dial Pick up the handset of the external telephone ,an-fax dial. Other Transmission Features Enter lan-fax m8 time 24 hour format using the number keys, and then press [OK].