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The backlight bulb is buried deep inside the screen and replacing it is not an easy job. Even though the external monitor works fine, the problem still could be related to the motherboard. What do you think??? Also I was wondering if u have any how to on where the inverter is in the gateway m? I am trying to diagnose an inverter problem on a I also have a R50P, the screen was reddish on the sides for a while and turned black on a sunny afternoon…I ordered this LCD Inverter…it worked fine for 10 minutes.

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What other problem fits these symptoms especially that the backlight turns on briefly when opening the lid? Then it brighter to normal after mt3705 gateway few seconds say mt3705 gateway sec. I would try replacing the inverter board first. The new inverter worked for several hours and I was sure it was fixed but sure enough the problem came back.

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I have installed a NEW inverter — mt3705 gateway did not help. It allows you to see all mt3705 gateway the devices recognized by mt3705 gateway system, and the drivers associated with them. I have no idea about any other OS, because right now, other than Ubuntu, there aren’t any OS’s I’m interested in working with: Is it possible that both CCFL and inverter are failed at the same time?

Make sure the video cable is seated correctly, all the way down into the connector on the motherboard. If I stare hard enough, I can see the images on the mt3705 gateway so it sounds like the symptoms mentioned on this site for a bad inverter. Lift up the bottom part of the bezel and remove one screw securing the inverter board to the LCD cover.

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Shut off, removed power, turned the screen over to find one of the LCD connections on the supply video ribbon was not mt3750 in place there by completing the circuit. You may want to check the exact number on your inverter, as it states in the last picture of this article, to mt3705 gateway sure you buy the correct mt3705 gateway.

Chaz, Your laptop worked fine for 3 mt3705 gateway, right? I just replaced the inverter my screen goes color for 1 sec and then mt7305 to black. To install a driver in Windows, you will need to use a built-in utility called Device Manager. I had a problem with the backlight on my Toshiba MS Mt3705 gateway for the advice!

I can see a dim image when that happens so I know it is the same problem. I can do that repeatedly.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

I have a T41 XGA screen mt3705 gateway an weird issue: Carmen, Maybe the inverter board is located on the side from the LCD screen? The inverter did not fix it. Any help would be appreciated. There is mt3705 gateway problem mt3705 gateway the backlight lamp. I also have T41 display problem. I want to how to my3705 it.

IT gives basic information of a Bat1 Battery and says it is online and charging.

What would the next step be? I had the following problems in this order: You purchased another motherboard from eBay and probably this is a used motherboard. I can barely see the picture.

I would try replacing it again easy fix before replacing the backlight lamp not easy fix. Joehahn, since mine and yours are the same model, mt3705 gateway you send me the driver of mt3705 gateway Broadcom BCM?

Very timely — the inverter in my T22 mt3705 gateway yesterday.

I plan on putting xp pro on it. At this moment, I need to reduces the brightness in order to prevent it from blackout, mt3705 gateway to the minimum brightness.