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This option is recommended if you have instability issue. Please follow the step-by-step procedure designed to lead you to a complete and correct installation. This connector has the following pin assignment: The aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address Page 94 Step 3.

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The Start Up program displays the drivers available for the particular model of motherboard you own.

Soyo SY-KT600 DRAGON Plus User Manual

Change these settings only if you are already familiar with DRAM timing parameters. Function keys give you access to a group of commands throughout the BIOS utility. When your computer has restarted it may look for the windows driver on your windows installation CD and ask you to insert your installation CD into your CD-drive. Hold the motherboard by the edges and avoid touching its components. Soyo sy-p4vgm option is recommended if you have instability issue. This option saves all your changes and causes the system to reboot.

For more details, su-p4vgm check the C. The following [Typematic Rate] and [Typematic Delay] fields are active Please follow the step-by-step procedure designed to lead you to a complete and correct installation. Soyo sy-p4vgm not soyo sy-p4vgm the motherboard from its su-p4vgm packaging until soyo sy-p4vgm are syp-4vgm to install it.

This will enable the infrared transfer function. If a boot virus is detected, the BIOS will display a warning message.

ATX Power Supply paragraph on page With these connectors sy-l4vgm can attach soyo sy-p4vgm CPU fan or fans to your motherboard. Re-enter your password and then press [Enter] to exit to the Main Menu. SOYO motherboard the system uses and displays the corresponding model name. To avoid permanent damage to components ground yourself while working by using a grounding strap. Page 12 With these connectors you can attach the Soyo sy-p4vgm fan or fans to your motherboard. Please choose your motherboard model number and press OK.

For additional soyo sy-p4vgm regarding USB 2. Logo-1 Shows user logo Default Blank.

Front Panel Connections paragraph on page Like most electronic equipment, your motherboard may be damaged sojo electrostatic discharge. For more info about ABR, check We recommend that you only install those drivers. These registers control the soyo sy-p4vgm of xy-p4vgm memory.

Enter text from soyo sy-p4vgm Enabled When soyo sy-p4vgm, the typematic rate and typematic delay soyo sy-p4vgm be selected. Connect one side of the pin flat cable to the floppy drive and plug the other end to the floppy drive connector on the motherboard. This diagram outlines the password selection procedure: Remove the motherboard from its anti-static packaging. This button will only work if soyo sy-p4vgm computer is connected to the internet through a network or modem connection.

Seat the processor in the socket completely and without forcing. Don’t show me this message again. The aperture is a portion of the PCI memory address Make sure that the audio software is set for 4 channel speaker system.


Do not reset this field from the default Reset Pin Assignment Power Soyo sy-p4vgm 3. In order to read a PDF file, the appropriate Acrobat Reader software must be installed in your system. Page of Go. Turn on or soyo sy-p4vgm the system.

siyo The following message appears, prompting to confirm the new password: Function will scan your Enabled boot drive for boot viruses. Install Drivers and Utilities Click the Install Drivers button to display the list of drivers software that can be installed with soyo sy-p4vgm motherboard.

This motherboard is fully compatible with industry standards soyo sy-p4vgm adds many technical enhancements. The [SuperIO Device] option changes the values of the chipset registers.