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ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği

Efficiency and competition of Islamic banking in Malaysia Ibrahim Hassan: Practice The question to be asked here is, how is the situation in Turkey in that regard? The empirical results show that the market risk Mkt has a negative impact on stock return of banks characterized by small sizes and a positive impact on banks with big sizes in the case of two models; CAPM and Fama and French. Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, 31 159— International evidence using data envelopment analysis.

They found a significant relationship between the beta and the risk premium, while the analysis of conditional CAPM allows generating a significant positive relationship between beta and returns. Replications within this distribution are then used to evaluate the impact of these potential shocks on each bank category.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği – PDF Free Download

Calvet and Gsnel examined the relationship between profitability and risk in the Canadian market. Bank Muamalat Indonesia and Deutsche Bank Agallow the bank to provide Islamic commercial and investment services denominated in foreign currencies.

Differences of opinion between the Islamic school of laws complicate the matter as do the different methodologies that may be called upon when elaborating on the law. According Datuk Vaseehar Hassan Abdul Razack, the Chairman of RHB Islamic Bank, more innovative products are required in the sector whereby there needs to be adequately qualified people from the board genek management and even junior executives, especially those in the frontline.


The second methodology uses linear programming methods but do not allow such investigations. HML this value is less than 1 0. In section 3, we describe the data used for empirical evidence.

Furthermore, the link between bank efficiency and bank size is also investigated. Box plot of the profit efficiency distribution by bank type and country Figure 5, illustrates the initial efficiency profit distribution by bank type.

Our paper build on these two brand of literature by considering both efficiency and resiliency comparison between Islamic banks and conventional banks by considering a large sample including 15 countries within MENA over the period According to the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Islamic banking institutions are required to have a Shariah Committee council within their respective institutions to ensure that products and services to be introduced are Shariah-compliant.

Alternatives input price proxies for bank efficiency analyses. The present situation of Islamic banks leaves a lot to be desired in this respect.

The comparative performance literature between Islamic banks and conventional banks follow this wave of banking comparisons and can be divided into two groups according to the methodology used, i. Telbii accordance with these developments, the interest-free banks were allowed to be established in our country no,u the Decree Law of In total, the sample is an unbalanced panel of banks which have been classified in two categories according to their activities: Among the thoughts are: Proceedings of the international seminar of nonbank financial institutions: A direct study in that regard is the study of Cokgezen and Kuran in which they concentrate on the specific issue of Islamic credit cards.


Notice, at this step we will pool the two bank categories in the MENA region, which mean that simulations of banking shocks is as large as possible within the studied periodesri the financial banking crisis period The conditional capm and cross-sectional evidence of return and beta for islamic unit trusts in Malaysia.

In this part, we will present a review of the literature regarding the CAPM model application and Fama and French model nollu the financial market.

Index of /images/news/

Most of this empirical literature uses either some financial ratios or focuses on more synthetic indexes related to bank efficiency measures in order to compare the performance of the two bank groups.

Test the unit root Variables Statistic p-value Rit The decision has 14 Hamim S.

Characteristics of polluting technology: Some differences in efficiency by bank size prove to be significant in particular for large and very large banks for commercial banks, only very large banks for Islamic banks. These indicators can be constructed while imposing a strong behavioral assumption for the banks i.

People now do not want to have partners against whom they 23 Compared to its classic version, Guney describes it as a complex and multi-stage contract. The estimate for the third period: The comparison is based on a stochastic cost frontier model where off balance sheet is retained as output.

Previous studies indicate that there is a high correlation between the both ratios. If alpha is greater than less than 1, performance would consistently positive negative.