programming. HP B Audio The HP B Audio Analyzer and HP E Distortion Analyzer make your audio measurements fast and easy. .. (Does not include HP-IB programming time.) . calibration manual [) and. PDF · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA HP-IB Series Programming · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA Progamming · HP xA, xA, xA, xA, and. Jun 8, programming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. The HP- IB address switches are located within the Modulation.

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B Operation and Calibration Manual | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

This instruction documentation contains information and warnings which must be followed by the user to ensure safe operation and to maintain the product in a safe condition. Place the instrument in Hold mode code Tl. The upib from the filter is the distortion and noise of the signal.

This check assumes that the Audio Analyzer is able to handshake, recognize its own address, make the remotejlocal changes and receive Data messages. Each time the measurement is completed, the measurement result will be output to the bus unless the listening device is not ready for data. Numeric data may be entered in fixed, floating Model B Operation point, or exponential formats.

This can be prevented by disabling the Audio Analyzer’s hipb keys entirely using the Local Lockout message. If the internal source programmimg to be used as a stimulus signal, key in the desired frequency and amplitude. Adjust input frequency to within specified limits. It changes only when a change is made to the instrument.


A serial poll, however, will trigger a new measurement, update displays and return the instrument to Hold. The Detailed Operating Instructions provide the complete operating reference for the Audio Analyzer user.

8903B Operation Manual

The first sweep, after hitting “Start”, will be in yellow. If the shipping container is damaged, or the cushioning material shows signs of stress, notify the carrier as well as the Hewlett-Packard office. If the kits were not ordered with the instrument as options, they may be ordered through the nearest Hewlett-Packard office. The right display should momentarily show a TTL high level greater than 2. Refer to Service Sheet When this signal is measured by a distortion analyzer, an error results from the first part of the measurement measuring the input level because the input level is not quite the same as the level of the fundamental.

Counter The Counter is a reciprocal counter.

A PC mznual Win98 or later. Adjust the frequency of the source to approximately Hz until the right display reads -3 dB. The validity of these checks is based on the following assumptions: While the key is pressed, 0.

It is designed to rapidly orient the new user with basic procedures and therefore is not an exhaustive listing of all Audio Analyzer functions. If the input level to the frequency counter is too small, the left display will show 0. If it is already on, it will remain on.

This error code indicates that although the required calculation is within the capability of the instrument, the result of the calculation exceeds the display capabilities. Note that two securing screws are metric. If you’ve enter illegal inputs for mamual of these you get a dialog box that pops up and tells you – hit OK and go back and fix them, then hit “Start” again.


When you install VEE runtime, you will get an application called “Instrument Manager” which allows you to configure the attached instruments. Description Send the first part of the Remote message enabling the Audio Analyzer to remote. VXE files that Pete has compiled. Unit keys select units and complete manual data entry.

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Performance Test 5 Frequency Accuracy and Sensitivity. Use a dry cloth or one slightly dampened with water to clean the external case parts. Output Level Switching Speed: This check determines whether or not the Audio Analyzer sends the Status Byte message in both the local and remote modes.

Containers and materials identical to those used in factory packaging are available through Hewlett-Packard offices. After nine successive occurrences, the display changes to Error Swept Measurements All measurements can be swept and frequency vs.

The results can cause degradation of device performance, early failure, or immediate destruction. This condition always causes a Require Service message to be sent. Entry Errors require that a new keyboard entry or function selection be made.