A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born in , Albert Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer. A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With Bill Kerr, Dorothy Alison, Dale Randall, John Ley. Four part biopic about classic Australian author A.B. Facey (). Born in a large impoverished.

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There were always the birds and the animals in the bush. Albert Facey, a man who taught himself to s and write, writes it, and writes it well He was looked after by his grandmother until he was eight years old, when he went out to work. There was a great ending to this story and this man was so wonderful to truly believe that his life was a fortunate one despite all his pain and the issues he faced. May 09, Grace Sunflower rated it really liked it.

Edit Did You Know? Bert is severely whipped but weeks later, when his body has recovered, he escapes and returns home.

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

It may well be the simplicity of Facey’s lifw style that makes it such a wonderful “listen”. An Aussie friend down here told me it’s a very famous book in Australia He’s an english teacher and recommended to everyone else at our lunch table. Being primarily self-educated, he is an author without pretensions, the story of his life being told straight and clear.


As it happened, Albert Facey was a storyteller.

He leads an amazing life filled with problems wars, poverty, abuse, the depression yet always seem to find the bright side and come out of it okay. A truly riveting story of survival of a poor, abandoned, motherless child who is left to fend for himself. He joined the tramways and was active in the Tramways Union.

The starkness adds to the story, but sometimes it detracts from it too – I did wonder, how would this tale be written if someone more adept had written it. This edition has been specially adapted for young readers.

This book was like having a yarn with an old guy at the pub. The secret of how it was done is revealed to the reader. Open Preview See a Problem? Serving in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, he returned home, substantially disabled.

A Fortunate Life by Albert B. Facey

I am so glad I read this near Anzac Day This was the best book about Australia and what it means to be Australian that I ba ever read. Facey’s story was so remarkable, however, that it was immediately accepted for commercial publication. It was written as he told the stories to his family.

But this book works stunningly well in audio. Books on areas being developed, by those that actually did the work, are rare. Like many of his generation he was faced with the spectre of war and fought at Gallipoli. The mini-series stays true to the form of the book: Australian Dictionary of Biography. What an amazing, inspirational story. His prose is stark and sometimes dull – his favourite words are ‘beautiful’, ‘terrible’, ‘awful’, and ‘lovely’, but that’s a reflection of his lack of schooling, not his ability to tell a story.


They put him on his horse and led him northward on horseback. While in the second hand store looking for books to read during my month in Costa Rica I came across the memoir, A Fortunate Life. Share this Rating Title: The book never gets boring and its very easy to read, probably because of the lack of complexity in the language.

There are no literary devices employed: This is the sort of book that makes me feel comfortable and warm. Like Facey, Paul was the kind of man who could live off the land, build his own house and fix virtually anything. How much things cost and how they were done will be a revelation to present day readers. Firstly, I must say how much I enjoyed this book and what an extraordinary read it was. I would often go into the bush and watch the birds and think in some ways they were like me — they had to fend for themselves as soon as the mother bird thought that they were old enough.