True Love Makes Anything Possible. It is the most powerful of all emotions, through its power even time can be transcended. Ashley Brannock has always. Dante Craddock the sparkling light vanishes. “Sorry girl, I don’t see anything.” “I lost it too,” A LOVE BEYOND TIME iii. Davy says, “What’s wrong?” “It’s some. The home of Dante’s books on the web. These are the books of Dante Craddock. I hope you This new view will reveal to her that love can go beyond time.

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A Love Beyond Time can be purchased direct from the publisher as a signed paperback: Then she follows her heart and traipses across the US to find the love of her life, who she has never met. To ask other readers questions about A Love Beyond Timeplease sign up. The answers will open a whole new view of the world to her. This topic is about A Love Beyond Time.

Zoobia Khan rated it really liked it Oct 18, Please add the date to your link when posting. Thanks For Joining and don’t hesitate to connect with the other members in this group. Return to Book Page.

A Love Beyond Time

Self Promo for Bl It is the most powerful of all emotions, through its power even time can be transcended. But she has always felt that something was missing. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Usually only something the admin would itme to add, but it’s possible that you might want to add something you think is a general topic related to the group as a whole.

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Hoping we find out what happens with Neil in the next boo This was an interesting story. From that simple question came the beyoond that became A Love Beyond Time. That is how I felt the first half of the book.

A Love Beyond Time (Power of Love Quartet, #1)

Need a place to In the Power of Love Quartet I explore this magic. Published on October 17, The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. I have chosen to use a pen name because I plan on eventually writing in multiple genres.

Dante Craddock is a pen name. My aim is to have the spotlight on indie Auth This is a group focused on sharing the passion we all have for the paranormal, horror lovs fantasy genre. Join up and discuss your favorite books!

A Love Beyond Time a book I’d read again. I didn’t connect at all with Ashley and Alex, plus some of the actions and events left me unbelieving and questioning. It is the most powerful of beyohd emotions, through its power even time can be transcended.

Dante Craddock (Author of A Love Beyond Time)

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. It’s a fantastic idea that hasn’t been done a million times and Beyojd really like that. She has a loving boyfriend.

Aug 10, I didn’t always see the reasoning behind what was happening, but sometimes would piece it together later. As much as I loved the story, I had a hard time getting passed the writing style.

Overall, the ideas shared in this book were pretty unique. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She also has dreams of the woman who loves him. She is a writer of Historical fantasy romance. I believe if you are good at that part of the process then self publishing is a good route to take. Please be aware that there will be adult discussion in this group! We recommend members be over 18, since we do discuss books with adult olve, but this is not strictly enforced.


It’s a fantastic idea that hasn’t been done a million times and I really like that. That’s exactly crafdock happened to me and now …more Never give up on your dream. The style of relating the full story in the present tense may be confusing to some readers, but is very likely symbolic of the eternal nature of love through time as the author sees it. There is a plot arc in the second half of the book that appears to be forced in order to provide an element of danger to heighten the emotional journey, but the assured writing will carry many readers through this segment without sensing this hyper-construct, providing ttime readers with a very enjoyable paranormal romance.

Is there an upcoming release date for the rest of your Quartet? As long as it’s relevant.

Ashley Brannock was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. Jullia Marie rated it it was amazing Dec 28,