There are three types: O Gingival abscess O Pericoronal abscess O Periodontal abscess. 5. O Among all the abscesses of the periodontium. “Regional” enlargements refer to involvement of gingiva around three or more . Histopathological examination of gingival/periodontal/pericoronal abscess may. The periodontal abscess is an acute destructive process in the periodontium the gingival sulcus or other periodontal sites and not arising from the tooth pulp.

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Other measures that are taken during management of the acute phase might include reducing the height of the tooth with a dental drill, so it no longer contacts the opposing tooth when ginfiva down; and regular use of hot salt water mouth washes antiseptic that encourages further drainage of the infection.

How Do I Manage a Patient with Periodontal Abscess?

However, if the opening of a periodontal pocket becomes obstructed, as may occur if the pocket has become very deep e. Gingival cysts Gingival cysts are unusual cysts of odontogenic source. Case of false enlargement wherein. Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery 5th ed.

The surface epithelium has varying degrees of intra- and extracellular edema, invasion by leukocytes, and sometimes ulceration. Excisional biopsy is the best management for these lesions[ 4 ]. Unilateral cutaneous nevi, unilateral vascular hyperplasia, neurological manifestations and ocular complications.

Idiopathic gingival enlargement is also referred to as congenital familial fibromatosis, gingivomatosis, idiopathic fibromatosis, elephantiasis and hereditary gingival hyperplasia. Please review our privacy policy. In these cases, it becomes difficult to associate duration of occurrence of enlargement with related drug history. Some authors recommend the incision or to establish drainage and irrigation, or a flap surgery, or even extraction of hopeless teeth.


Drug induced gingival enlargement. J Oral Surg Chic ; The enlargement may reduce spontaneously after the delivery, but complete elimination may require the removal of all local irritants and additional surgical intervention of any fibrotic remnants. Agrawal AA solely wrote this paper.

A detailed decision tree is also designed for the practitioners, which will help them arrive at a diagnosis in a systematic manner. It is normally associated with swelling of lips, bowel disorders, fever and ulcers.

How Do I Manage a Patient with Periodontal Abscess? | jcda

Oral complications associated with D-penicillamine treatment for Wilson disease: The enlargement starts as beadlike absse of the interdental papilla and eventually may involve marginal gingiva. A periodontal abscess represents a change in this balance, related to decreased local or systemic resistance of the host.

To xbses this, sometimes the term “lateral periodontal abscess” is used. The periodontal abscess is an acute destructive process in the periodontium resulting in localized collections of pus communicating with the oral cavity through the gingival sulcus or other periodontal sites and not arising from the tooth pulp.

Bleeding may occur extemporaneously or on mild stimulation. An important factor is whether the involved tooth is to be extracted or retained.

Peripheral fibroma, presenting as pink firm, uninflammed mass growing from under the gingiva; B: Corneal opacity, mental retardation and aggressive behavior, failure of tooth eruption.

Thomas S, Tandon S. Diagnosis of a periodontal abscess is based on medical and dental history as well as oral examination pocket depth, swelling, suppuration, mobility, sensibility of the tooth. Surgical exposure of the lesion showing extensive bone formation in the core of the lesion.

Localized, purulent infection within the tissues adjacent to the periodontal pocket that may lead to the destruction of periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.


A clinicopathological study of cases. Typically they grow rapidly within first few weeks and then slowly. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol. Nevus of the gingiva; report of case. Oral Health Prev Dent. Secondary tuberculous ulceration of the tongue. A pus-filled abscess forms when the immune system responds and attempts to isolate the infection from spreading.

A gingival retraction cord which is accidentally left in situ is an occasional cause of a periodontal abscess. There may be systemic upset, with an onset of malaise and pyrexia. Calcium channel blockers[ 15 ]. Usual allergens known to be associated with this lesion could be, e.

Hypopigmentation, mental retardation and writhing movement of hand and legs. Painful joint contractures, diffuse thickening of the skin with pearly papules and fleshy nodules and failure to thrive. Trauma to the tissues, such as serious impact on a tooth or excessive pressure exerted on teeth during orthodontic treatment, can be a possible cause as well. Abscess presenting as localized gingival enlargement.

Gingival enlargement is one of the frequent features of gingival diseases. Penetrating injury to the gingivz example, with a toothbrush bristle, fishbone, toothpick or periodontal instrument–may inoculate bacteria into the tissues.

These are inflammatory response to local irritant associated with gingiva. There may ginviva regional lymphadenitis. A case of Schinzel-Giedion syndrome complicated with progressive severe gingival hyperplasia and progressive brain atrophy.

Histologically, the stratified squamous epithelium is thickened, with prominent rete pegs and some degree of intracellular and extracellular edema, prominent intercellular bridges and leukocytic infiltration.

In periodontal abscess, the swelling is diffuse; C: