ISU ISDN Service Unit. USER MANUAL. Part Number. ISU (U If experiencing difficulty with this equipment, please contact ADTRAN for repair. to connect to the unit. Configuring the DataBand ISU (S unit type) for VTC applications: NOTE: This device is a replacement to the Adtran ISU device. ISU – ADTRAN Support Read more about isdn, manual, bonding, interface, terminal and configuration.

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Leased Line Menu Test Remote Data Call connected at unexpected data rate. Page The ISDN channel that carries signaling information to control the call setup, tear- down, or invocation of supplementary services.

ADTRAN ISU 512 User Manual

Vt Configuration Menu 2 ISU User Manual Automatically through an RS dialing port used in video conferencingapplications; a special RS Y cable provides the two RS interfacesfor this application part number L1. AudioAudio directs the call control software to request a 3. Scrolls up the menu tree.


CancelStops the current adtdan and returns to the previous menu. Obtaining servicefrom the local telephone company and long distance providers can be complicated. Page 48 Chapter 5: Before installing this equipment, ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the fa- cilities of the local telecommunications company. Disable AutoAnswer if V.

With a minimum of extra wiring, try connecting to the line pair atthe point where service provider’s wiring ends. Maximum Bit Rate Page 91 Appendix A. Call Connect B2 Bearer channel 2 connected and is currently active. Page 19 Chapter 1: Page 46 Chapter 5: Maintenance SetupThere are three Maintenance Setup options: Status, Test, Configuration, and Dial.

Page Appendix C. If The Display Reads Tei2 Ensure the ISU is receiving power and is switched On. Figure D-6 displays the RS to V.

This unit is supposedly not able to work with a DSL line. The first call incoming or outgoing connectsto the V. Allows the ISU to screen incoming calls. All adttan to be correct. Page 27 Chapter 3: This timer value should be left at the factory default settingof 10 seconds. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Dial NumberAllows a number to be entered and dialed from the key pad.


Adtran ISU Manuals

Service Profile Identifier TA Page 97 Appenidix B. Channel Rate is not required to make changes to the Adtrab Type. Page 39 Chapter 4: Dail a 0 before youre messages! GlossaryinterfaceA common boundary between two systems over which the inter-system communication occurs.

ADTRAN ISU 512E Multiplexer Specification Sheet

Press Enter to dial the number. VT Status Screen It’s worth a thousand words. Table of ContentsData 56 kbps Page 22 Chapter 1: Dte Data Connection This takes approximately 10 seconds. You have to connect always on the pstn line on the sf even if you addtran a pbx.

Page Appenidix B. Page 73 – Chapter 6.