Jake Linley has always been waiting and watching on the sidelines for Lydia Craven. He can only see but not touch as she is the beloved daughter of wealthy . “Against the Odds” by Lisa Kleypas. Though he likes Lord Wray, he also envies him for winning Lydia because Jake Linley knows she is the prize. When a. Lisa Kleypas Against the Odds Prologue If any man knew how to hold his liquor, it was Jake Linley. God knew he’d had a lot of practice at.

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But it was very nice to revisit Derek and Sara Dreaming of Youwho are one of my all-time favorite couples. She met Simon a year ago, after her brother died. Then, from a bit of a help from Lydia’s meddling mother, the ever adorable Sara, they sorted their differences out in Derek’s wine-cellar. Medieval romance, novella ,part of a series, read in an anthology [s] 4 20 Sep 23, I also find some of her “heroes” so controlling, domineering, ruthless and malicious that they strike me more as villains, and she tends to feed into the damaging and, i I’ve always had strangely conflicting feelings about Lisa Kleypas’ work.

Against the Odds (in “Where’s My Hero?”)

Like, at one te, Ned imagines Lydia pregnant with his child. This book did make me cry a lot in the end and it being a novella, I liss to say a big feat indeed! Gamblers of Craven’s “Against the Odds”, 3 Members.

A week before the wedding, he begins to know her sister Charlotte and realizes that perhaps he gave up on love too soon. Jake Linley, she just might change her mind. Tidak akan menceritakan satu persatu dari cerita di dalamnya.

Where’s My Hero? by Lisa Kleypas

I really felt for her since she’s very sweet and honest. The plot isn’t exactly revolutionaryLydia’s about to make a respectable, compatible but loveless marriage, and, well, you can guess without my having to use spoiler tags that Lydia and Nice Enough But Not Her Soulmate guy never quite make it to the altar.


A great quick read that will agaonst you chuckling to yourself! Please try again later. I love Julia Quinn and am just starting with Lisa Kleypas, so I enjoyed the trio of novellas, but maybe there was a reason they didn’t get their own stories the first time around. Neither the H or h or their connection to each other liaa well-defined.

The explanation is in the book. The background of the BotS was a bit too much to take in because it was a bit sudden for me. Simon of Ravenswood who has been oddss great character in each of his appearances is acting as Knight for the much referenced Earl of Blackmoor when he has the opportunity to meet Lady Kenna, sister of one their ,leypas comrades.

Can he gather his courage to tell her his feelings before it’s too late?

Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas – FictionDB

And, he did his research well on Jake, including his bed partners. He seemed sort of inconsistently defined and all over the place for me. Sincerely, A Romance Fan Thf books are so special that there is more than one hero to love, but only a single story is told. That first scene was really funny; Simon being in his own element, saving Stryder from some crazy harpies, who can’t get enough of him his lands, skills in bed and body, in Stryder’s own words!

Even at her best she doesn’t captivate and enthrall me to the extent that Kleypas does, oddds I find most of her stuff reliably enjoyable. Is this feature helpful? She knows she’s not a beauty in the conventional sense.

It is also part of the anthology, Where’s My Hero? The story is quite simple but there are loads of information regarding Simon and the introduction to the Brotherhood of the Swords.

With his wedding day rapidly approaching, Ned still longs for the passion he feels should exist within a marriage and not the noose he feels tightening around his neck. When I found out that there was a book with his story i was just all over it. Not all fellow reviewers agaainst it, of course, but somehow it just worked for me on every level, and I’ll be rereading it The misunderstanding starts as Kenna comes to visit Stryder, thinking he proposed to her in his last letter.

  GSW 2401 PDF

But, we’ve seen Simon in almost all the MacAllister books so far.

In them, Simon was portrayed as a happy-go-lucky chap, a knight-errant who loves to have meaningless affairs with lady’s maids and married women in his own words, if his implications were anything. I had a good laugh knowing Derek was kdds that Derek, who knows everything about everyone. It has two sweet love scenes. The background of the BotS was a bit kldypas much to take in because it was a bit sudden for me.

He can’t face to tell his feelings to Lydia for fear of rejection as the lady has not even showed the most remote liking for him. The plot isn’t exactly revolutionaryLydia’s about ths make a respectable, compatible but loveless marriage, and, well, you can guess without my having to use spoiler tags that Lydia and Nice Enough But Not Her Soulmate guy never quite make it to the altar.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. But, KM proved she can give you everything in a novella, too. Google Books — Loading I’m not sure why I continue to torment myself with these Anthologies, most of the time there’s 1 slight glimmer of hope with at least 2 other hard slogs which was very much the case in this novel.