Ahmad Deedat is one of South Africa’s well known Muslim missionaries whose . The Islam Debate: Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs Ahmed Deedat (San. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Ahmed Deedat by Source – Ahmed Deedat – Sabc Tv Debate Islam Christianity South Africa. Anis Shorrosh a Palestinian Christian missionary had two debates with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on the topics “Is Jesus God” and “Quran and Bible- which is God’s .

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Heavenly Religion and Unbelief? Religious Freedom and Interreligious Relations in Islam: Darul Andalus, commentary. He is buried at the Verulam cemetery. Deedat might not be regarded as a champion of Christian-Muslim dialogue in South Africa he obliquely pushed Christian and Muslims in that direction.

Ahmed Deedat

University of Botswana and University of Johannesburg. Clean Challenge Of The Missionaries.

In this 1 hour special, we retrace the steps of the young Ahmed Deedat, travelling from India to South Africa as a 9 year old and the sacrifices and challenges he experienced as a young man. Years before this movement was jurisprudentially and theologically ‘outlawed’ by the traditional Muslim theologians as non-Muslims, its ideologues e.

Even though Deedat might not have been intimately familiar with the debate as outlined and explained by Bennet and Schirrmacherhe was totally bowled over and convinced by Kairanawi’s logically set-out arguments. Journal for Islamic Studies Demystifying Islam and Debating Christianity’ http: Individualisme at transnationalisme Islamique’ in Archives de sciences socials des religions This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat IPCI, it employs it as a platform to throw more light on Deedat as a transnational figure.

Deedat remained on course with debtaes mission against Christian evangelists ahked continued to make his mark though he was occasionally distracted locally by some of the mentioned critics who had hoped that Deedat’s credibility would take a knock and put him out of the Muslim mission business; alas this was not to be.


Ahmed Deedat – Wikipedia

Muslim-Christian Encounters in Africa. Apart from having been critcized debatss Makki and company for uncritically accepting the ideas from questionable individuals such as Perdue, Deedta was again severely reprimanded by them for openly supporting Rashad Khalifa’s debatable thesis – as stated in his Qur’an: Anis Defdat is nothing but a lying Missionary who falsely claims to have won the debate against Deedat. William Campbell, it was obvious that Dr.

The Man and His Mission Durban: Whilst Christian missionaries e. On this note, David Foster, a Christian evangelist who visited and prayed for Deedat dsbates being bedridden, asked: As-Salam Chapter 11which acted as a significant Muslim missionary platform, was subsequently taken over by the Muslim Youth Movement est. Deedat established the IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organisation, and wrote several widely distributed booklets on Islam and Christianity.

Clean Daughters Of Islam. Deedat wisely left it to the MJC, which was supported by the Pakistan experts on Ahmadiasm, to fight the case. Setting aside these technical aspects, let us turn our focus to the chapters that plainly reveal ‘The Man and His Mission’.

A Synopsis Earlier it was already mentioned that Vahed divided his text into twenty five chapters; each of which flows seemlessly into the one that follows. Cited by Google Similars in Google.

Islamic Civlization in South Asia: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was widely sold at subsidised debaets to the general public, and is often mentioned in Deedat’s speeches. Deedat’s interaction with these students caused him to take a serious interest in the Bible and subsequently he by chance came across an invaluable booklet titled Izhar ul-Haq Revealed Truth ajmed a English text that was published and circulated by Ghulam Muhammad ibn Haji Hafez Sadik.


Debates & Speeches of Ahmed Deedat

In, at least, two of the colourful photos he ddebates to two international figures; in photograph no. Furthermore the book has been enhanced by an array of photographs that appear on the first few unnumbered pages of the book.

In Durban where the ASC was active and influential, it met up with Joseph Perdue, who had claimed to be a Muslim but was in fact a practicing Bahai and whose ‘religious’ services it secured for a short period Jeppie Do you already have iTunes? Retrieved on 29 July Deedat’s dedication to Muslim mission came to the fore when he returned to Durban where he held classes and conducted ‘religious’ tours to the adjacent Grey Street mosque; the largest at that time in the southern hemisphere.

Prophet Jesus peace be upon him in Islam. Inwhile working as a furniture salesman, he met a group of missionaries at a Christian seminary on the Natal South Coast who, during their efforts to convert people of Muslim faith, often accused the Islamic Prophet Muhammad of having “used the sword” to bring people to Islam.

After having stayed there for about three years he opted to return in to South Africa where Islam’s situation was none the better. The Miracle of Miracles: