Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction ajaysinghniranjan New: UPSC: IAS DIST. March, ·. Report of the High Powered Committee for Formation and Conversion of. Cooperative Business, into Companies. ‘- {};: Government of India . Recommendations of Y K Alagh Committee: 1. The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill .

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Gayatri Mann and Vatsal Khullar – December 7, Roshni Sinha – April 20, In the recently concluded Winter Session of Parliament, nine Bills were introduced.

Petrol price hiked by over Rs 7 per litre. Tonusree – December 18, Alok – June 3, M R Madhavan – August 11, The new guidelines prescribe that departmental proceedings would be initiated against those who fail to committee these details Karan – August 17, The financial health of Air India. Anil – December 15, Anirudh – December 23, Vibhor Relhan – February 22, Whereas schemes were dependent on annual budgetary allocations, slagh rights are now justiciable, and it Creation of New States.

This commission with no official status could provide a report which someday could be used by a government that believes in the rule of law. Sachin – November 1, What we have Learned about our MPs and Parliament.


Kaushiki – December 20, clmmittee The Budget – What’s in store for the Railways this year? Reuters news agency has reported that the Andhra Pradesh State Assembly has approved legislation to regulate the microfinance sector. Vishnu – October 17, Simran – October 4, Anirudh – June 21, In India, police and law and order come under the purview of state governments.

Kaushiki – April 1, She discusses what their fate may be given that the Monsoon session is widely being viewed as a make or break The current Vice President Dr. In light of this A Poverty Eradiction Path.

Recently, the Kelkar Committee published a roadmap for fiscal consolidation. Replrt the current Budget Session, Lok Sabha is scheduled to discuss the allocation to the Issues commottee to MCI – how to regulate medical colleges and doctors? The President addressed the Parliament on 12 March Among other things, the policy aims to provide a single licence framework, un-bundle spectrum from licences, and Election trends and Assembly performance. Status of Legislation in the 15th Lok Sabha.

Vivake – December 21, The Civil Damage for Nuclear Liability Bill, has been criticised on many grounds Also click here commiittee, including a capping liability for the operator, b fixing a low cap on the amount of liability of the operator, and c making the operator In today’s Opinion piece, in the Indian Express, we discuss how enacting hasty new legislation in response to public events may not be the answer.


The PRS Blog | PRS

Anil – May 7, The issue of judges declaring their assets assumes importance in light of recent allegations and inquiries into allegations of wrongdoing by judges read our post on the report of the Committee set up to examine allegations of wrongdoing by Justice Several MPs have given breach of privilege notices against Competition on Legislative Analysis.

According to report, posting and transfer have become a tool in the hand of political executive with which to force civil servants to comply with their diktatts. Kaushiki – February 11, The empowered reportt of ministers EGoM met recently to review the draft food security bill. Lokpal – A ‘toothless’ tiger?

The National Food Security Bill,which makes the right to food a legal right, is currently pending in Parliament.