View and Download Alphasmart NEO 1 user manual online. Alphasmart NEO 1: User Guide. NEO 1 Laptop pdf manual download. Also for: Neo 2. View and Download Alphasmart NEO user manual online. Alphasmart NEO: User Guide. NEO Laptop pdf manual download. View and Download Alphasmart NEO user manual online. Alphasmart NEO: User Guide. NEO Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for: Neo 2.

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C o n t a c t I n f o r m a t i o n The AlphaSmart Web site is a good source of information about products, sales, support, community forums, and the latest news.

Visit the AlphaSmart Web site at: This publication is protected by US and international copyright laws. It is unlawful to duplicate or reproduce any copyrighted material without authorization from the copyright holder.

This document may be reproduced only by staff members in schools that own NEO devices. NEO integrates with your computer and prints directly to your printer, manul wirelessly or with a cable connection.

When it refers to NEO, the manual is referring to both models. When it refers to NEO 2, the manual is describing features that are only available on that model. For the latest NEO system requirements, go to www. Turn the NEO over. On the back of the NEO, put your thumbs in the circles on the battery compartment cover and slide the compartment cover toward the left to remove it from the NEO. Charge the batteries as soon as possible after you receive it. Do not store the NEO without first charging the batteries.

Knowledge Base

On the back of the NEO, put your thumbs in the circles on the battery compartment cover and slide the cover toward the left to remove it from the NEO.

The first time you charge the battery pack, let the unit charge for 16 hours. After that, whenever you recharge, let alpnasmart unit charge for 4—8 hours. NEOs in a group or classroom. One of these three things mmanual have happened: You can press a different file key to find an empty file that you can write in.

On your computer, open the file that you want to receive the NEO text into. It can be a new file or a file that already has text. Place your cursor where you want the text to begin. On your computer, open the file to which you want to send the text. It can be a new file or a file that already has content. Place your cursor where you want the text to begin to ensure your program is the active window and ready to receive text.

Click in the file that alpuasmart want the text to appear in, click the Edit menu, and choose Paste. To want to overwrite it or append to it that is, add the beamed text to the end continue and allow the of the file. See page 21 to set up the Receiver. Important notes for 1. Make sure your NEO 2 is turned on, and open the file you want to print. Press print on the NEO 2. It lets you do the following: On the final panel of the wizard, check the box if you want to read the Read Me file as soon as the installer closes.


If necessary, change the folder. The AlphaBeam program is in this folder. Renaissance Wireless Server folder. Then, double-click Renaissance Wireless Server Utility. Type and click OK to log in. This is the default Administrator PIN. If necessary, click Start. Be sure to update the network settings if you do this.

Click Update Network Settings 6. Click OK when the program finishes updating the network settings.

Make sure your students know the Receiver name. Selecting Text When you select text on your NEO, the selection appears highlighted in reverse; that is, text within a selection is light and the background is dark.

Cutting, copying, and pasting also deselects the text. Press any key to exit the status screen and return to your file. You can, however, name your file so that it is saved even if you start a new file in that space. You can then open the file again later. To open a file that you know is in one of the eight active files, press the appropriate file key. If Show Marks is not on, tabs look like spaces between characters. C h a n g i n g F o n t S i z e You can change the font size that is used on your screen when you work in AlphaWord Plus.

Note, however, that AlphaSmart Manager can only reset the font size to the system font four lines onscreen. How t o Change the Font Si ze 1. Scroll to select the font size you want to use, then press enter. If you changed the font size with the keyboard command, you go back to the file where you were working. Type the text you want to find in the Find field, then press tab or You can use the move to the Replace field.

If you searched for and replaced text before, clipboard to paste press clear file in each field to remove your earlier text entries. In longer files, it is helpful to go straight to one of these sections instead of scrolling through the files. To do this, follow these steps: Open the file that you want to check. Use the arrow keys to select the correct word from the list of suggested spellings and press enter. You can also turn off the ability to add words to the dictionary.

In your file, move your cursor so it is either just before the word you want to look up or inside the word. Next, some synonyms for the word will be listed. You can do any of the following: Use the arrow keys to select whether to place the word in the file, copy it to the clipboard, or begin a new lookup search; then, press enter.


A linked file is a place to store additional information related to a file. Click the AlphaWord Files to Send tab. In the file list on the left, click the file number that you want to send to on the NEO s 4.

On your NEO, press the file number key for the file that has a linked file. The linked file appears. When viewing a linked file, you can check boxes by pressing the spacebar or x, and you can clear them by pressing spacebar or backspace. To do so, view the linked file by pressing ctrl-L, then press shift-ctrl-z-c.

The linked file is copied to the clipboard. Next, press ctrl- L to return to the main file, or press one of the file keys for a different file. AlphaWord Plus file C h a r a c t e rW o r dP a r a g r a p ha n d P a g e C o u n t s In AlphaWord Plus, you can follow these steps to find out how many characters, words, paragraphs, and pages are in your current file.

Press M to view additional statistics. Press esc to exit the screen and return to your file. Clearing and Deleting Files C l e a r i n g a n d D e l e t i n g F i l e s The text that you type in each file remains there until you clear or delete the files.

Press the file key for the file you want to clear to open that file. You can also clear a 2. Press Y to clear all the files if you want to continue. If not, press N to return to the last active file. If you have named files with linked files in filesfor each file, AlphaWord Plus asks whether you want to keep the linked file. U s i n g t h e T y p i n g T i m e r The Typing Timer is a tool you can use to evaluate typing proficiency.

It lets you perform any keyboarding exercise in an AlphaWord Plus file, and when it is stopped, it displays the elapsed time and words per minute WPM typed. Press caps loc to stop. The elapsed time and words per minute appear. If you want to start the timer again, press enter. If you want to exit the timer, press esc.

SmartApplets are the programs installed on your NEO. To choose the one you want to use, press the arrow keys to move the cursor next to that SmartApplet; then, press enter. An additional SmartApplet, Co: Writer, is available from Don Johnston, Inc.


Alphasmadt 2 communicate with the software. Students can complete these assignments without needing the teacher to lead the session or send the questions one by one. The instructions below explain what teachers and students need to do in order to use NEO 2 during a student-paced session. Responder SmartApplet again and repeat these steps.