More examples and tutorials are available in other pages. We also have a trouble -shooting page, where there are some tips on how to use antechamber. Amber 10 Tutorial antechamber: strange molecules get parameter files antechamber & leap • antechamber is predominantly a file converter. However, it can be. This section of the tutorial introduces the AMBER programs/tools necessary to set -up the input files .. Let’s try using antechamber on our file.

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It also specifies the bonding at the end of the file. National Programme for Mental Health.

As a final touch we shall define head and tail atoms: In general, it is very difficult to achieve convergence in the number of data points. The numbers 1 1 give the input information about which frames are being used for Ptraj.

Initial simulation:

It can perform many file conversions and can also assign atomic charges and atom types. DAT -s 2 -j 1 Running: This command says that the input format is pdb, output format is prepin, and the AM1-BCC charge is to be assigned, the atom type is gaff.

A problem is that atom names in our SEP residue do not correspond to those in the original pdb. The the basic command to create a “prepin” file for LEaP is just: During a long simulation, the whole system may start moving and rotating which give an unwanted kinetic energy.

To create the “mol2” file, required to define a new unit in LEaP, we simply run the following command:. The program knows which atoms this are, because we also need to supply an angle file, which contains the list of angles to be treated at each step of the reconstruction analysis. If you see any parameters listed with the comment “ATTN: They are used to show how the charges of the atoms were found via quantum mechanics.


Respgen generates the input files for two-stage resp fitting. When the job is complete, you will obtain the following output files: We can see that there were a total of 9 missing bond, 14 angle, and 15 dihedral parameters. It writes out an additional force field file frcmod file with the missing parameters. We can now load our frcmod file in order to tell tleap the parameters for these missing angle types.

It will be found in the results section and the output file will have an infrastrucutre that is similar to the following:. In fact it may even be possible to simply start our system at K but we shall remain cautious and start from 0 K. As a result the use of NMR restraints is no longer necessary.

Bond types are assigned for valence state 11 with penalty of 2. The truncated pdb file is: This method is not very efficient at ensuring the temperature remains even across the system and so one would typically have to use NMR restraints in order to ensure that the heating occurred very gradually over a timescale of about 20 ps.

Use a cutoff of 10 angstroms. The density of pure liquid water at K is approximately 1. The last line says calculates the rmsd for alpha carbon number 1 to In the command, -i input file name,-f input file format prepi, prepc, ac, mol2 ,-o frcmod file name.

2014 AMBER tutorial with HIV Protease

The current implementation of the GAFF force field consists of 33 basic antecbamber types and 22 special atom types. It is a large protein with a molecular mass of kDa. Let’s look at our frcmod file:. This will allow us to calculate the entropy of the structures in each frame, and its average.


Basic Workshop – Hands on Session 4

Here, we can see that we are approaching convergence, but are futorial quite there yet. The current version only support single molecule fitting. We now have everything we need to load sustiva as a unit in LEaP. There are a number of system properties that we should monitor to check the quality of our equilibrium.

AMBER tutorial with HIV Protease – Rizzo_Lab

Count a total charge charge PPH So, we need to add a charge By default Antechamber will have tuforial the values to zero. Finally, lets take a look at the density, we expect this to mirror the volume. Note, choosing the number of minimization steps to run is a bit of a black art. This command reads in sustiva. Next, you can choose to edit the structure shown for better visualization.

Save the file as 1HVR. Delete atoms mimicking peptide bonds select “Erase” in “Manipulation” panel:. Several files prepared in the previous two steps will be required for the visualization of the ligand and its movement in the protein binding pocket. But that, aantechamber the present system, means waters, but waters are anteechamber in the next part of bellymask. With this, we are ready to proceed to the analysis of the results. The above script finds all the files with extension of “mol2” in the current directory.

To see a correspondence between atom names and 3D structure we shall label atoms in the Xleap unit editor: