by the Philippine Constitution, the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Bilang ) and other relevant election laws, RESOLVED. BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. – OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES. 2. COMELEC , AS AMENDED, REPUBLIC ACT NO. AND. Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines (Batas Pambansa Blg. ). [[No Author].] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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No official ballots or election returns shall be delivered to the board of election inspectors earlier than the first hour of election day: Statement of contributions and expenditures.


Any candidate or authorized representative of an accredited political party, upon formal request made to an election registrar, shall be entitled to a certified copy of the most recent list of voters in any precinct, municipality, city or province, upon payment of a reasonable fee as may be prescribed by the Commission. Provided, That if the nickname used is unaccompanied by the name or surname of a candidate and it is the one by which he is generally or popularly known in the locality, the name shall be counted in favor of said candidate, if there is no other candidate for the same office with the same nickname.

However, if the court should be satisfied that the application has been filed for the sole purpose of molesting the adverse party and causing him to incur expenses, it may condemn the culpable party to pay the costs and incidental expenses. Still, the amendment of Philippine legal codes is accomplished through the passage of Republic Acts. The return shall be prepared in sextuplicate. Annulment of permanent lists of voters.

Apportionment of members of the Sangguniang Pampook.


Furnishing of ballot boxes, forms, stationeries and materials for election. Any person who, although possessing a permit to carry firearms, carries any firearms outside his residence or place of business during the election period, unless authorized in writing by the Commission: The provincial election supervisors shall furnish the municipal election registrars and batzs registrars of component cities with the list of such representatives.

In case any member of the board of election inspectors doubts the identity of the voter, the board of election inspectors shall check his pambansaa identification card or, if he does not have any, the board of election inspectors shall refer to his photograph and signature in the voter’s application for registration.

Publication of official ballots and election returns and printing thereof. Product details Paperback Pmbansa Cancellation and exclusion in the transfer of names. The decision of the court shall be final.

The notice of such decision shall be served to all parties within twenty-four hours following its promulgation and any party adversely affected may appeal therefrom within twenty-four hours to the regional trial court which shall finally decide the same not later than two days before the date of the election. Section of B. They contend that the checkpoint manned by elements of the Makati Police should have been announced. Component and highly urbanized cities. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Written notice of any such change shall be made to the affected voters within two weeks therefrom. Any radio or television stations, including that owned or controlled by the Government, shall give free of charge equal time and prominence to an accredited political party or its candidates if it gives free of charge air time to an accredited political party or its candidates for political purposes.

The person thus chosen shall prepare the ballot for the illiterate or disabled voter inside the voting booth. The Corporation Code provides for the rules and regulations in the establishment and operation of stock and non-stock corporations in the Philippines.


Each sector shall be entitled to four representatives, two of whom shall come from Luzon, one from Visayas, and one from Mindanao: Regular election for President and Vice-President.

The certificates of canvass shall be immediately transmitted to the Speaker of the Batasang Pambansa. Election of members of Sangguniang Pampook. Election campaign or partisan political activity outside campaign period. The voter shall then be entitled to another ballot which the chairman shall give him after announcing the serial number of the second ballot and recording said serial number in the corresponding spaces in the pambaansa record.

Section 5 Postponement of election. Prohibited raising of pambwnsa. The official concerned shall continue to participate in the hearing or withdrawn therefrom in accordance with his determination of the question of his disqualification.

Philippine legal codes

The booths shall be so arranged that they can be accessible only by passing through the guard rail and by entering through its open side facing the table of the board of election inspectors. If the board of election inspectors is satisfied with his identity, the chairman shall distinctly announce the voter’s name in a tone loud enough to be plainly heard throughout the polling place.

Nothing in this section, however, shall be construed as in any manner affecting or constituting an impairment of the freedom of individuals to support or oppose any candidate for any barangay office.