A medieval copy of Boethius, De institutione arithmetica On Arithmetic. In De institutione arithmeticae artis libri duo, Boetius shows himself a skillful and stylistically accomplished renderer of the Introduction to Arithmetic by the. This chapter analyses the glosses to Boethius’ De Arithmetica in Cologne Ms. All the glosses appear to be written in one hand, except for Est autem (no.

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This volume provides an edition of a commentary on the De arithmetica ; the accompanying introduction identifies the author of the commentary as Thierry of Chartres, and provides a careful consideration of how the commentary reflects his philosophy.

Unlike the commentaries on Plato’s Timaeus and on Boethius’s Consolatio philosophiaemedieval exegesis of Boethius’s De xe has seldom been subjected to comprehensive and systematic enquiry.

Inhabiting the shifting boundary between philosophy and history of science, the De arithmetica itself has been neglected by most medievalists. Yet, from the Carolingian renaissance onward, when the scholarly curriculum came to be aritmetica on the seven liberal arts, Boethius’s work soon became a canonical text for boetuius study of arithmetic. Indeed, the growing interest in it during the twelfth century is attested by the large number of surviving commentaries in manuscript.


De institutione arithmetica : Boethius : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It belongs to a phase when the Chartrian master’s interests were mainly directed toward the liberal arts. We can also discern in Thierry’s commentary on the De arithmetica themes arithmetkca problems developed in his Tractatus de sex dierum operibus and more elaborately in his commentaries on Boethius’s Opuscula sacra.

Indeed, the discovery of this commentary on the De arithmetica might legitimately be said to clarify not only the more intractable passages in the theological writings but also to illuminate Thierry’s philosophical project as a whole.

At the heart of arithmdtica vision is a developing trend in twelfth-century philosophy that places number and proportion at the heart of the physical cosmos.

Edition of the Glosses to Boethius’ De Arithmetica in Cologne Ms. – Oxford Scholarship

A specialist in the history of medieval philosophy as well as the history of science, Irene Caiazzo received her doctorate in and her Habilitation in from the Arjthmetica pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris.


She is currently directeur de recherche at the Centre national de la arithnetica scientifique. From Manuscript to Edition. Author information Open Access Our Partners. Commentum super Arithmeticam Boethii Appendix: Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin Translations and Commentaries: Annotated Lists and Guides.

Logica antiquioris mediae aetatis I d’Onofrio Lexicon latinitatis medii aevi praesertim ad res ecclesiasticas investigandas pertinens Blaise. History of Philosophy general. Early Medieval Philosophy c.

Classics, Ancient History, Oriental Studies. Parva pro magnis munera Goullet. Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum. La rigueur et la passion.

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