Brechts Frankfurter Rede Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat (November )/Diskussionen, Wirkungen In seinem Vortrag Der Rundfunk als. I spent a while this morning hunting for the full text of Brecht’s article about the book gives it as “Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat” in. Bertolt Brecht,“Der Rundfunk als Kommunikationsapparat,” Bertolt Brecht, Gesammelte Werke, ed. ElisabethHauptmann, vol.8 (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp.

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No more lonelygirl musings, unfortunately.

The argumentation is still the same, only the media are changing video, film, computer. While are most radios crippled so they can only receive and not also send? In case of Becht and Benjamin, they have failed. It is purely an apparatus for distribution, for mere sharing out. Proudly powered by WordPress.

New media are unilateral, mono-directional, one point to many points distributors, Baudrillard states. That is to say, it would kommunikationsapparzt if it knew how to receive as well as to transmit, how to let the listener speak as well as hear, how to bercht him into a relationship instead of isolating him.

Bertold Brecht

Current German Media-Theory and their Ancestors: Enzensberger shares with his predecessors Benjamin and Brecht this conviction that one could forecast development on a firm basis, and together they are joining a genuine teleological and more or less Marxist perspective on history. First, members of the audience assume the same attitude towards the actors in the film as a editor or a cameraman The world will unit and interact together, he believes, if only kommunikatonsapparat body is connected to the world wide web.

Paul Virilio, the French media theorist, recently declared that “Marxism has become the sacrifice of high technology”. The radio could inarguably be the best apparatus of communication in public life, an enormous system of channels —— provided it saw itself as not only a sender but also a receiver.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This new unity of body and media, continues Bolz, facilitates the reorganization of social life in the medium of a collective body: The recent German media theory accepted this analysis — and nevertheless looked out for new media at once, which could allow them to carry on the old hopes.

One reason for this continuity seems to be the continuation of the desire to equippe analysis with prognostic powers. I would like to plead, however, for giving up this hierarchical relationship among media technology, social system, semantics, and sensuousness, and ald giving up the primacy of technology.

Bertolt Brecht

In current semantics, whitsun indicates the surmounting of media- or code-differences. This may be called proximity: This faith of German media theory in revolutionary social consequences of technical opportunities is an heritage of their ancestors, first of all a legacy of Brecht and Benjamin. The radio would be the finest possible communication apparatus in public life, a vast network of pipes.

Now, in order to become positive —— that is, to find out about the positive side of radio broadcasts —— here is a suggestion for changing the function of the radio: Brecht and Benjamin expected a new social system from the new media. Free download or buy in print. Browse my other publications or talks and presentations on social media, electronic literature, electronic art.

Media, he defines, are channels of communication which per se exclude the possibility of answering S. Of course, in the recent past it was the internet which helps to rise new hopes which all contain the old wish, that a medium might be found which could surmount the hierarchic and asymmetric forms of communication and substitute them with symmetric and lateral forms of interaction. Imagine Lonelygirl15 with Verfremdungseffekt. As early as — that is, well before Benjamin — Brecht links the analysis of the new medium of film to utopian expectations.


Brecht on Radio

Because, on the level of the circuits of radio-technology, every microphone could function as a loudspeaker and vice versa every loudspeaker could be used as a micro, the common fascist or capitalistic practice of broadcasting xls one-to-many communication should be replaced by interaction of all participating users.

Bolz goes on to explain: Blogging here since October On this principle the radio should step out of the supply business and organize its listeners as suppliers. Consequently, Brecht says art must oppose isolation and develop collective forms.

Of course you can make a call rundfunkk call-in-shows or write letters to the editor, but never there will be a authentic feed-back, Baudrillard claims, which is not just pre-calculated and allowed for in the scripts of broadcasting. He states that electronic media are always mass-media, and that means to send messages to recipients who could not answer.

Just read the blueprints of the circuits, the media technologist Friedrich Kittler is advising. But it is just this temporal difference between being and consciousnessbetween surface and deep structure the provides Marxist theory with its prognostic powers. Follow the project on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Tumblr.