You can find the manual for your Bremshey Cross Trainer below. Bremshey Orbit Ambition Cross Trainer · Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer · Bremshey. Check the reed sensor also known as the speed sensor. It is located on the front roller pulley. It is mounted to the frame and looks like a small. 18TSFC_Star Fit C HR i-Plus Crosstrainer_OMpdf . _Bremshey Orbit Ambition C_User Manual. pdf. MB.

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The software will use the calibration parameters read from the EEPROM and use them to control the electromagnetic brake without notifying anything to user. Potentiometer values will show in the Time window. One does not need to access the service menu when replacing either user interface or lower board is replaced. Continue to rotate the drum manusl forcing the belt to remain in place with your hand.

Notice that in case of a fault or a malfunction, the component or unit of components manuak question, and especially the electronic components, are not to be repaired, instead they must be replaced by a new component. The inner nut of the pair should be fully tightened first. Run the elliptical for 10 second so the computer can reset the motor. Remove cap from rear axle if applicable. Remove the belt rotating by the bremsheh clockwise whist feeding the belt off the flywheel boss.

“service manual” |

Console will go into LED testing mode. If the belt runs out of line it may be caused by incorrect tolerance of frame components. The lower board has been replaced with a new spare part. Owing to specification variations some of the information is generalised to cover the complete range. They have materials that move and rub together: The console then flashes a quick series of numbers as it changes to your selection.

Repeat on other side. To remove any friction, lightly tap the end of the axle with a soft faced hammer.


Remove locking nut, washer and spacer. This system has varied between models and the 2 main different systems are shown below. Clothing — Performance clothing made of polyester has seen a huge increase in popularity. Place a long drift through the centre hole of one bearing so that it rests against the inner side of the opposite bearing. Check also speed sensor connections. Rotate drum in an anti – clockwise direction simulating forward motion in use.

Thereafter the console lights will flash indicating that the engineering mode has been entered. If the noise has significantly higher frequency it is likely to be caused by a damaged front or rear roller bearing. Check sensor magnet See section 2 No Handgrip pulse 1. Loose tension wire from tension motor.

Also, this can lead to external cracks in the drum cover faces. Introduce the belt by fitting it over the resistance flywheel manuaal groove side down and under the upper tension wheel k manuwl, under over the top of the floating tension wheel. The lower board has been replaced with second-hand one. Lift motor rotation sensor potentiometer cable disconnected Lift motor rotation sensor has poor internal contact and is thus providing incorrect gremshey The second connection cable between the console and the lower board is disconnected The potentiometer has lost its calibration and rotated to minimum If the readout from the potentiometer has lost its calibration setting and it differs from reference values, adjust potentiometer Figure 1 to obtain correct value.

If not above — it will be necessary to investigate internally.

Manual – Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer

Levelling screws should be set so that the machine is level. Resistance is measured from black and white wires see picture in 3rd page. Move it back and forth to clean all the area the brush touches.

Lift motor power cable disconnected Lift motor electronically damaged preventing the movement Error can be reset only by disconnecting the power cable. After the update is completed, the user interface is automatically reseted and the start-up can take up to 30 seconds.


Neither memory has valid parameters 1. Place the USB stick to either of the slots on the back of the console 2. Remove the internal circlip from the centre of the flywheel assembly. Latest versions of software and version histories are available on Tunturi extranet. See diagram 16 below Warning! The cable adjuster can be used to set the correct positions for maximum and minimum resistance. Remove the securing screws for the deck. Inside each swing arm joint there is a combination of a sealed bearing and sinter bearing.

Curved washer position in folding models Footplates correct orientation and position we suggest front position for beginners. Run the belt on to the rear drum by feeding it round the top of the drum whilst rotating the drum in a clockwise direction. For identifying a specific problem see the Troubleshooting Guide and then refer to appropriate area if necessary.

When two materials with different electrical potentials are brought together, a static shock or electrostatic discharge ESD can occur. To ensure that potentiometer maintains correct calibration setting a small amount of glue should be added to shaft before inserting it back to its counterpart. Se diagram 16 above Warning!

“service manual”

Calibrating the servo-motor and flywheel brake cable It is important that the brake mechanism bremsheh set up so that it is possible to achieve the correct minimum and maximum settings. Reverse the removal procedure.

With this system, data is sent from the display meter to the brake control circuit board as a resistance level is selected either via a key press or a program.