Interzone [William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers. Burroughs’ best-known novel is a wild ride, a disjointed trip that begins in Washington Square but soon shifts to the city of Interzone, a surreal. Burroughs seems to grow ever more trite with the passage of time, his rebellion against society a lame thing. Fans will probably enjoy this fragmentary collection .

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It is divided into three main parts: Please provide an email address. Vollmer died in in Mexico City.

Interzone by William S. Burroughs

A notable inclusion is “Twilight’s Last Gleamings”, written ihterzone in collaboration with childhood friend Kells Elvins, and widely thought to be Burroughs’ first attempt at fiction. Minarets, palms, mountains, jungle… A sluggish river jumping with vicious fish, vast weed-grown parks where boys lie in the grass, play cryptic games. Ma anche, un testo sperimentale e audace per interzine vuole provare qualcosa di diverso. Want to Read saving…. His authorial voice emerges astoundingly complete in Naked Lunchas do the central concerns that would dominate his work until his death.

Preview — Interzone by William S. Anyone who’s read Ted Morgan’s recent, adulatory biography Literary Outlaw, p.

But the brilliance of this symbolic universe is precisely its endlessly burfoughs polyvalence. I’d also recommend visiting the Paul Bowles wing of the American legation: If you’ve ever wanted to know how Burroughs got from Queer to Naked Lunchthis is the book.

Sentimentality probably isn’t the right reaction.

Beat and dust: Tangier’s tang of history

My favorite parts of this book are when he breaks the fourth wall, since many of the stories were original in letters to Allen Ginsburg, and he explains what his motives are. Thank you for signing up! Apr 29, Suzanne Roussin rated it it was amazing.


But burroighs the time he left New York he had acquired his addiction to opiates, which would trail him the rest of his life and take such a central place in his writing.

The Uses and Abuses of Illusion. Some of Burroughs most coherent work, and IMHO a better glimpse of intwrzone capabilities than the silly little heroin-based rantings. Interzone is divided into three distinct sections, the first of which being simply called Stories.

G seemed to revel in this. Behind them, through open doors, tables and booths and bars, and kitchens and baths, copulating couples on rows of brass beds, crisscross of a thousand hammocks, junkies tying up for a shot, opium smokers, nurroughs smokers, people eating talking bathing back into a haze of smoke and steam.

And then came the third section, WORD. In short, this final part of the journey was byrroughs tough going, and it will be a while before I feel ready to make an attempt with Naked Lunch at this point. Canonized alternately between the incantatory honesty of the Beat Generation and the weighty formal innovations of midth-century American postmodernism, Burroughs belongs properly to neither literary moment.

Louis Toodleoo … at times loud and clear then faint and intermittent like music down a windy street…. In present form does not hold together as a novel for the simple reason that it is not a novel. But to get a real feel for where Bowles was coming from all you have to do is spend a little time exploring the place he so loved and so hated.


Welcome to Interzone: On William S. Burroughs’ Centennial – Los Angeles Review of Books

Tre sono le sezioni del libro: It looks like he had started using his cut-up technique, the result being unreadable in any normal way; a disturbing and rambling montage of sexuality, scatology, drugs, violence, and madness. The Junkie Christmas was an oddly optimistic piece, considering the subject matter; I’d wager anything Bill would have given his left arm in real life to get high without the drugs, using pure altruism.

Listening to the Novel: How many coffees in an hour? This is a worthy book for readers who are reading a lot of Burroughs.


My experience of reading this is words words words. We are told that in it “he sniffed at the fragments of mystery”. It’s easy to tell they are his writings because they contain his themes: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I’ve never wanted to throw away or, better yet, burn a book before until now. Dec 04, Ed Smiley rated it liked it Shelves: The addict measures time in fixes and buys; hours are replaced by the space between shots and days are replaced by the gaps between twitching, itchy meetings with dealers: Repetition is not an accident here; recombination, not originality, hurroughs the motor of change.