Translated by Burton Watson. The basic writings of Chuang Tzu have been savored by Chinese readers for over two thousand years. And Burton Watson’s lucid. Translated by Burton Watson. Foreword by Wm. Theodore de Bary. This is one of the most justly celebrated texts of the Chinese tradition – impressive for both its. Burton Watson, Associate Professor of Chinese at Columbia Uni- versity, is the author of look at the “imitations” of passages in the Chuang Tzu pre- pared by.

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He takes his stand butron what cannot be fathomed and wanders where there is nothing at all. The mountain trees do. You, a worthless man about to die-how do you know I’m a worthless tree?

So it is said, the fish forget each other in the rivers and lakes, and men forget each other in the arts of the Way. That gave me a chance to see a culture and a way of life that I suspect hardly exists anymore. In this way, though I may be blunt, I cannot he blamed. Ordinary men strain and struggle; the sage is stupid and blockish. Carpenter Shih went to Ch’i and, when he got to Crooked Shaft, he saw a serrate oak standing by the village shrine. Okay, looking at Watson’s translation he uses words which are deceptively simple yet surgically precise.

He licked one of the leaves and it blistered his mouth and made it sore. I was completely dumfounded at his words – no more end than the Milky Way, wild and wide of the mark, never coming near human affairs!

The Complete Works. Translated by Burton Watson

Tzi in to use cguang feature. Listening stops with the ears, the mind stops with recognition, but spirit is empty- and waits on all things. The Perfect Man of ancient times made sure that he had it in himself before he tried to give it to others. My father and mother surely wouldn’t wish this poverty on me.


Their utility makes life miserable for them, and so they don’t get to finish out the years Heaven gave them, but are cut watosn in mid-journey. Woodworker Ch’ing on pages would only carve from a tree if he saw the bell stand within. Joy, anger, grief, delight, worry, regret, fickleness, inflexibility, modesty, willfulness, candor, insolence – music from empty holes, mushrooms springing up in dampness, day and night replacing each other before us, and no one knows where they sprout from.

Burton Chuang-tzu & Watson, The Complete Works. Translated by Burton Watson – PhilPapers

Day after day they use their minds in strife, sometimes grandiose, sometimes sly, sometimes petty. It makes me boil with rage, but I come here to the Master’s place and I feel calmed down again and go home.

This book is a beautiful, complex and infuriating poem, which uses repetition, contradiction, and a structure like a Jackson Pollack painting to develop its themes in a way that simple explication could not do.

I’m going to try speaking some reckless words and I want you to listen to them recklessly. His understanding was truly trustworthy; his virtue was perfectly true.

Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings

Human suffering will not bring down the true Chuang Tzu sage, but neither will human celebration lift him up. I could see the stirring of what had been closed off!

But I’ve come now because I still have something that is worth more than a foot and I want to try to hold on to it. Chien Wu went to see the madman Chieh Yu. But if what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say something? He was tzy beyond ordinary understanding and he would have simplified things even more, but that wstson practical. But the Holy Man for the same reason considers them highly auspicious.


Request removal from index. In fact, the Japanese might read Chinese classics more than the Chinese today. The Nameless Man said, “Let waton mind wander in simplicity, blend your spirit with the vastness, follow along with things the way they are, and make no room for personal views-then the world will be governed.

Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings by Zhuangzi

I haven’t drunk wine or eaten any strong foods for several months. This is one of those books that I always have with me. Now there’s Pu-liang Yi – he has the talent of a sage but not the Way of a sage, whereas I have chjang Way of a sage but not the talent of a sage. If we go on this way, then even the cleverest mathematician can’t tell where we’ll end, much less an ordinary man.

There must first be a True Man’ before there can be true knowledge. What is he going to make of you next? For those that thrive in water, dig a pond and they will find nourishment enough.

Now let me ask you some questions. But I do not know what makes them the way they are.