Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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For example, a single message that a fader on a console has been moved is transmitted to all the lamp units simultaneously. Once the problem has been resolved, control of the alpha-numeric display device is returned to the character display program.

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On the other hand, the broadcast address includes a lamp address field with a special value to which all lamp units in the network respond. The cue data associated with each unit lamp is identified celck a file identifier which includes the console control channel to which the unit is assigned.

This can be accomplished later by an operator command. However, the downloading of these additional programs into the lamp units may not be necessary, as the programs are maintained in writable, nonvolatile memory in each lamp unit. And they work great. A command message corresponding to a pending message packet is then dispatched by the pending message manager, when a scan finds that a previous message has been completed.

In describing the following command response routines, it is important to note that a response routine is selected based on value found in the first word of the message transmitted from the console processor to the lamp unit processor.

The switch identifier indicates the number of the switch within the “channel select” group which along with an additional group selector specifies the control channel to which the switch corresponds.

Because of the pressed switch, the value of the bit for its channel is inverted, thereby selecting the lamp for manual control. Those console commands which are received and which have associated response routines bavigator in the lamp unit ROM memory are performed immediately. The lamp unit processor exits the endless loop of the main sequencer and jumps to the command interpreter to check the status of an outstanding read command in the communications manager program.


The data bus nqvigator further connected to a buffer which transmits the data to both a direct memory access circuit Motorola Model and to the input of a buffer More frequently used data is passed to the function logical controllers after receipt from the console processor.

After the read command, a return navibator the main sequencer loop is executed. The control console 24 can naigator be used to control a plurality of conventional color changer mechanisms 34, such as gel scrollers, affixed to conventional lamps Should there be any error in the data transmission, the lamp may respond erroneously and harm the visual effect.

The data link 26 is further connected to pedestal lamps, such as 30 and floor lamps, such as Thereafter, the cue data is available within each lamp unit, where the reading and writing thereof is performed in the environment of the high band-width local memory.

In the receiver sectionthe path 40 is connected to the primary nzvigator of a transformer Not since the days of the ill fated Celco Navigator have I seen anyone get something so wrong. Therefore, if a response routine finds that a previous message has not been transmitted to the network by the console processor complex, a pending message packet will be generated by the respective response routine.

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Each encoder provides control of a different lamp function. Thus, as many as one thousand lamp units can be connected to the system, and retain an independent identity. If the comparison indicates a change in the position of the rotary device, the identifier for that encoder is combined with the amount by which the value has changed, the result being sent as a command message via the network to all lamp units.

The write commands provide the proper location for access of the data within the lamp unit memory. High performance computer-controlled lighting systems, such as disclosed in U. This data is packed into ten bytes of memory storage area. The output from the Manchester encoder circuit is passed through an invertor to one or more differential current line drivers. With this new configuration, all cue memory for instantaneous recall is maintained in each individual lamp unit memory. The foregoing is accomplished by the response routine in calling the file manager program to open the file with the lamps control channel number in the cue data file directory.


Both examples assume that all necessary RAM-based programs, together with the cue data, are in full synchronization with the console. The validity of additional programs located in RAM memory is verified before performance of other console commands. The coordinated transmission of data to the network demanded by the various response routines is important to assure an orderly flow of information in accordance with the urgency of demands imposed by the respective response routines. Repeater 52 has a transmitter sectionthe upper portion shown in FIG.

The subroutines cause the various actuators to be moved through their full range of motion, noting the location of any sensors and checking for proper operation of the various actuators and feedback sensors. Increasingly, lighting designers are demanding to utilize a variety of control devices and lamp units naviyator their lighting systems in order to achieve navigwtor lighting effects, often including lighting equipment produced by different manufacturers, each having their own unique communications protocols and data formats.

The lamp command is then dispatched to the communications manager nafigator as a broadcast message. This program controls the lamps in the various switches to indicate to the operator whether the switch is in a depressed state or a released state.

Manual control of the nagigator units is established by broadcasting the change command message and allowing the lamp units to navigatorr. A group of rotary controls 88, 90, 92 and 94 provide color selection for a particular lamp unit or group of lamp units.