The CILAS uses a new patented technology (laser diffraction and. CCD camera) which allows, in one single range, the measure of particles between Consult CILAS’s PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER CILAS brochure on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/2. commercial launch of the product line with enhanced hardware & software for superior results. The CILAS line of laser particle size and shape.

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This design eliminates the need to ever realign the system, thus ensuring the highest level of performance. The world’s first laser cllas particle size analyzer — the first-ever PSA — was invented in Get in touch Document Finder. The short bench concept allows CILAS to significantly extend the measurement range without increasing the size of the instrument.

The single-laser PSA covers a wide measuring range of 0. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Accurate size cilass of powder particles The size distribution of dry powders is often difficult to measure because the particles tend to agglomerate, which falsifies the results.

This unique design eliminates the need for the operator to handle cilax accessories or make manual adjustments. Our innovative design eliminates the need for the operator to swap hardware when switching modes.

CILAS Particle Size Analyzer

The software enables the switching between liquid and dry dispersion modes with a single mouse click, which saves time and prevents operation errors. This unique design provides for a more rugged and reliable analysis tool. Heavy Duty Made Easy: May 12 – 14, Pittsburgh, PA October 25 – 29, Short bench concept Short bench concept The integration of a CCD camera offers customers the ability to measure an extended range of samples while maintaining a short bench design.


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists January 20 – 21, November 16 – 20, This allows the to capture, measure, display and analyze particle shape along with traditional particle size distribution data. The unique design of the provides a measurement range from 0.

Address 8, Avenue Buffon, B. Get the latest articles from Pharmaceutical Online delivered to your inbox. Los AngelesCA. Rugged, alignment-free design Software controlled switching between liquid and dry dispersion modes High performance dry dispersion system Patented multilaser technology Simultaneous size and shape measurements. Company Profile Email Us. This ensures alignment-free operation, even in the harshest environments.

All optical components are permanently mounted on a rigid cast iron base clias.

Wet and dry samples with just one setup PSA instruments are the only particle size analyzers that can be configured with both fully integrated liquid and dry dispersion modes in one instrument. February 16 – 18, For an even broader cllas, PSA and PSA have a unique optical design for diffraction analysis, which includes multiple lasers.

CILAS 1190 Laser-particle size analyzer

The CILAS particle-size-analyzer has all optical components permanently mounted on a rigid cast iron baseplate. Its integrated wet and dry dispersion modes, built in video camera and short optical path make it the most versatile instrument available anywhere.


This research instrument incorporates three lasers ensuring the highest level of accuracy for product development and research. Reset all filters X. This multiple-laser technology 11190 you with an extensive range of measurable particle sizes. For product development, it is becoming increasingly important to understand particle shape along with particle size.

Come and see our solutions at the following trade shows: The CILAS particle-size-analyzer has all optical components permanently mounted on a rigid cast iron baseplate. There is no need to exchange the hardware, re-validate, or re-align sensitive optics when switching between vilas modes.

CILAS 1190 Particle Size Analyzer

While PSA has been designed with two lasers to resolve particles as small as 40 nanometers, PSA contains an additional third laser to cover the full measurement range of up to 2. Click Here To Download: The innovative design features an air pressure regulator that quickly and easily adjusts the air flow in accordance with the sample properties.

Permanently aligned optical system Permanently aligned optical system Our background in the aerospace industry gives us the technical know-how to develop an extremely rugged iclas. The unique design of the provides a measurement range from 0.