COMNAVAIRFORINST C. 15 Jan 1-i. CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance. Program (NAMP) Instruction. comnavairforinst pdf – mishmatch – download comnavairforinst these files are related to comnavairforinst comnavairforinst – pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST A. Supply Operations Manual (SOM) Ashore. COMNAVAIRFORINST B COMNAVAIRFORINST A.

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Chapter 5 – NAVAIR –

Basic concepts and guidelines are established for regulating the IMA to ensure: The approving Wing will direct the cannibalization action via email to the providing and recipient units, and will include the supporting supply activity, operational chain of command, and the ACC as info addressees.

The inventories recorded on these new forms are numbered in sequence, starting with the first subsequent transfer. The publications should include, but are not limited to, the following: These requirements may or may not coincide with the aircraft phase or major engine inspection interval and may be repetitive or cumulative in nature. Significant chargeable materials are considered to be materials valued at one thousand dollars or more per TD per unit.

All scheduled and unscheduled aircraft and man-mounted equipment maintenance requirements will be controlled by Maintenance Control. This column may be used to denote a brief description of the exact location of those items which are considered difficult to locate. Block 1 – DATE. All major repairs, inspections, flight and operational data will be recorded.

The full name of the contractor. A repairable item is so severely worn or damaged that repair is not feasible, as determined by local maintenance personnel, or specifically directed by ACC or TYCOM. The logbook and records are reviewed by the receiving activity as part of the acceptance procedure and all discrepancies are resolved promptly. In certain instances, aircraft may require more than one loose-leaf binder to accommodate the required forms and records. For example, a FAD II activity can submit Priority 2, 5, or 12 requisitions, depending on the urgency of the requirement as related to mission readiness.


Chapter 5 The identification of specific personality characteristics associated with consumer behavior A TD may direct parts or material be added, removed, changed, altered, relocated, or repositioned. If the shipping container has a special holder for records, for example, engine containers, place the plastic envelope in the special holder. The government serial number. Engine inspections may be performed independently of, or concurrently with, any airframe inspection.

When informed by the work center of repair parts requirements, Production Control assigns the supply priority and project code. Additional personnel may be authorized to sign aircraft logbooks and records if they have been designated in writing to do so by one of the personnel listed above. Maintenance personnel supervising or performing corrosion prevention, arrestment, and removal receive corrosion control training.

When an aircraft, previously operated by the Air Force or Army, is transferred to the DON, the DON representative at the delivery point is considered the original accepting activity. All military and commercial rework activities will forward the complete set of aircraft maintenance files that accompanied the aircraft into standard rework when the aircraft is transferred upon completion of standard rework.

When work on a component is completed, return the component to Material Control for processing.


O-level and I-level costs will be reported separately. Substantial progress has been made through mechanization, but better data input is necessary for good material management.

ASPA evaluators include an analysis of records and logbooks, and a physical examination of the aircraft based on engineering specifications prepared by the ISSC. Personnel will often be required to prepare or process requisitions for incorporation of TDs or for component parts of them.

When the second subsequent transfer has been recorded on the new forms the superseded forms may then be destroyed. In the event maintenance, other than servicing, must be performed after the daily inspection or turnaround inspection is completed, Maintenance Control must determine if a complete or partial daily or turnaround inspection is required, or if no portion of either inspection is required.


All procurable assemblies with detail parts are illustrated and listed in such a manner as to make possible quick identification of assemblies and their component parts. When shipment is in an open crate or without a container, firmly attach the plastic envelope to the equipment or component.

FCFs are required to determine whether the airframe, power plant, accessories, and equipment are functioning per predetermined standards while subjected to the intended operating environment.

Safe for Flight personnel will verify the Control Station is fully comnavairforunst to utilize prior to signing off Safe comavairforinst Flight. At a minimum, “Hot Seat” shall be entered in block 8, and the new pilot-incommand shall review the ADB and sign block Upon completion of deployment, initiate a summary of usage and comments to the Type Wing Commander.

The aircraft ferry pilot will not participate in the inventories except to accept custody of pilferable and classified equipment from the comnavairfoirnst activity and to transfer custody of the items to the accepting activity.

The reporting custodian must perform the following actions prior to delivery of an aircraft for PDM: Aircraft acceptance conditional inspection technical publication requirements if 7. Maintenance or equipment replacement of aircraft loose equipment listed in the AIR.

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Logbook Construction and Sequence Aircraft Arrival Message Format Disassembly beyond daily inspection requirements of applicable planned maintenance system PMS publications is not required. On the next line enter in pencil the flight time to date. Block 6 – Comnavairforinwt. Use Advice Code 5G if applicable.

Procedural arrangements and requirements determination will be established between the ship, squadron, air group commander, and station concerned in advance. Station numbers may serve as auxiliary information.