This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle Honda CRFX Congratulations on choosing your Honda CRF. Service your Honda CRF with a Cyclepedia service manual. Get full-color photographs, color wiring diagrams, specifications and step-by-step procedures. The Service Manual for your CRF is available from your authorized Honda dealer . It is the same manual your dealer uses. If you plan to do any service on your.

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Drain the extra oil from the fork damper spring cham- If you can not use compressed air, remove the pres- ber oil hole. Become a Reseller Want to sell Cyclepedia Manuals? Route the cam chain though the cylinder.


Loosen the intake band screw. Disconnect the fuel line.

Stuff a rag into the silencer outlet. Install the handlebar, mounting rubbers, washers and handlebar holder nuts and tighten the handlebar holder Install the handlebar pad. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel valve. CBRR cc – I had some technical questions and needed help — I want to say that your staff are nice people and provided super communication.

Remove the camshaft holder assembly bolts, camshaft Rotate the primary drive gear lock bolt crankshaft holder assembly, intake valve lifters and shims. Turn the pilot screw in until it is lightly seated and and remove the float bowl plug. Drain the remaining fuel in the mwnual bowl by remov- jet. I am happy I subscribed two yrs.


Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent to the threads. CRFX cc 05 – Install the engine oil filler cap. I went through my entire engine with it. Hundreds of original photos and illustrations guide the reader through every job. Place clean shop towels in the crankcase to keep the Remove the cylinder bolt and cylinder.

Check the fuel valve and fuel filter for contamina- The fuel filter is mounted on the bottom of the fuel tank. Coat rrepair clutch plates with transmission oil.

Cyclepedia CRF Honda Manual CRFR – Cyclepedia

Loosen the upper pinch bolts. Pour the racommended fork oil into the fork. Make several photocopies of this page for future use Page Allow the air cleaner to dry thoroughly. Page 55 Adjustment Removal, Cleaning and Inspection 1.

CRF450 Honda Manual 2002-2008 CRF450R / 2005-2017 CRF450X

Loosen the screw on the air cleaner connecting tube 1. Page 83 Clean the threads of the fork protector bolts and axle Clean the surfaces where the axle and axle clamps con- Align the brake caliper and hose with the left fork leg, holder thoroughly. Reinstall the jet needle, jet needle holder carbure- buretor with the slot on the intake tube. This Haynes Manual was written from hands-on experience, based on the stripdown and rebuild using commonly – available tools.


Refer to the Honda Service Manual or see your autho- rized Honda dealer for brake bleeding. Remove 45 disc cover by removing the two bolts. It is very well done and so much better than my old-school paper Haynes manuals.

For maximum service life, the drive chain should be 2.

Cyclepedia CRF450 Honda Manual 2009-2014 CRF450R

I rebuilt my CRF about 5 times over 3 years with the Cyclepedia manual and really repqir it. Push out the fork center bolt from the axle holder of the Pour the fork oil from the oil hole of the fork damper.

You are buying the exact item shown in the photo, what you see is what you get.

Hold the fork damper up side down for 10 minutes and drain the oil from the fork damper spring chamber. Your Honda CRF online service manual is a superb publication. Turn the fuel valve OFF. Don’t have an account? Rotate the carburetor and align the lug on the car- I couldn’t live without my Haynes.

I particularly like all the detailed specifications. Check the axle for runout. CRFX cc 04 – Remember to make all adjustments in one-clik increments.