The third of four books (though Curtis Jobling has proposed a fifth) and things aren’t going well for Drew Ferran and the Wolf’s Council. Book 2 saw the. Drew Ferran, the rightful King of Westland, is trapped. Enslaved by the Goatlord Kesslar, young werewolf Drew finds himself on the volcanic isle of Scoria, forced . Buy a cheap copy of Shadow of the Hawk book by Curtis Jobling. Drew Ferran, Lyssia’s last remaining Wolf and the rightful heir to the kingdom’s throne, is held.

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Books by Curtis Jobling. It’s a stunning piece of character development from Curtis Jobling – as is the way that Vega, the Prince of Pirates, continues to grow into a more honourable and loyal man than the trickster he once was.

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk (Book 3)

The place is in a totally different world. In the his other books, Curtis Jobling amazed me at his ability to evenly distribute the action throughout his book, keeping them interesting, but not completely all action. Trent is an exceptional character, and I grew increasingly intrigued jobllng his personality as we saw more of him.

If anyone likes to read about mythological creatures, this would be that book. The Goatlord Kesslar has the young Werewolf in his possession, taking him to the land of the Lizardlords. Most young people would find this impossible to cope with, but the honest and loving upbringing that Drew experienced seems to have given him the foundations he needs to take all of this in his stride.


I didn’t expect half things to happen, jawk it is just regretful that so many joblinf have gone wrong.

Shadow of the Hawk by Curtis Jobling | : Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. Rocket Robinson and the Secret of the Saint. In this book of the series, Drew finds himself a slave, fighting to the death against other humans and animals. The Dead of Winter Lee Collins 8. With the help of an unlikely ally, he must find a way to break free – but who has ever managed to escape?

Other books in this series. Dec 12, Griffin rated it it was amazing. While he ventures across the sea to find the hawks, the wolfguard spends time running away from the lionguard. Jobling writes amazing characters then horribly twists them or murders them.

Shadow of the Hawk

I loved learning all about the Therianthropes, and meeting the various other characters. Yet still after that the books are still amazing. For two hundred years he has wandered the world, enslaved by his lunatic appet But he has a good heart.

Other books in the series. Jobling’s influences are clear; the first half of the book has a feel of Sinbad’s adventures, of Ray Harryhausen and swashbuckling films of old. But Lauren and the local police department mus Shadod using our website you agree to our use of cookies. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.


Book three in the Wereworld fantasy-adventure series from Curtis Jobling, the award-winning designer of Bob the Builder. Storm of Sharks Book 5 Curtis Jobling.

His thinking was inspiration and he always spoke his mind. May I just say, I am in love with this world. Something major nearly always happens at the end of each book as well which leaves me biting my nails and unable to sleep until I know the next publication date. I just could not put it down, in a constant adrenaline rush from start to finish. We meet a few new characters as well, some comic, some terrifying.

He starts having deep philosophical insights about his morality, but remains committed to them all the same. Rise of The Wolf Wereworld: The constant curtiss of the Werelord’s world never lets up for even a second. I must say that some characters have turned for worse, while some had become better.