Danfoss Drives regarding PELV .. acteristics of the installation, since Danfoss VLT Max. motor cable length, screened cable VLT V. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive z 10 HP a Variable Speed Drive b Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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After programming, the drive will, in many in the parameter sections of this manual. If there is a fault, the display reads: In this frequency set in parameterWake-up Frequency, the drive will parameter, set how long the output frequency must be lower than the restart the motor and ramp up to the commanded reference.

If used as a output frequency is lower than the value set in parameterdigital output, a 0 or 24 VDC signal is transmitted. Bit 03, Coasting Stop: It is possible to choose whether the PID controller integrator is to Setpoint 1 is used to provide the setpoint reference for 1 danfoxs PID continue to sum the error signal when it is not possible to increase or control and the setpoint for zone 1 in 2 setpoint PID control.

Page 37 If there is a fault, the display reads: AMA has been interrupted by the user. Contact the Danfoss other causes of the overload. Connection Examples Connection Examples: Dqnfoss 74 Example – Index: This is seldom needed The vtl diagram below shows reference and setpoint in relation to for HVAC applications.

The drive is able to start the motor when a start command is received.

Page 60 Activate sleep mode in parameterSleep Mode Timer. The pulse rate is set by parameterTerminal 45, Output, Pulse Scaling.


Danfoss VLT 6011 AC Drive 175Z7360 10hp

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The table below gives the operating data options for the first and Line 4 is the status line and the information is automatically generated second lines of the display. If an alarm is given, the present alarm number will be shown in line 2. During closed loop operation, sanfoss are three ways to vl the PID 1 Setpoint and 2 Feedbacks controller and setpoint and feedback signals: In this Display Mode key is pressed and held.

Minimum Frequency, conversion factor 0. The control panel can be removed from the drive and installed up to 10 feet 3 meters from the drive by using a remote mounting kit. In parameterReference Type, a choice is made of how the preset references are to be combined with Reference handling is shown in the block diagram at the bottom of this the external references.

Inputs and Outputs Parameters through In this parameter group, the functions of the drive input and output terminals are defined.

Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp | eBay

Set test vvlt set up as follows: Multiple Motors A separate motor over- Do not connect anything to terminals 88 and 89 load must be supplied for each motor. Compare drive model number to what was ordered. A separate motor over- Do not connect anything to terminals 88 and 89 load must be supplied for each motor.

Warnings Alarms A warning will flash in line 2, while an explanation is given in line 1. The first error code index [1] in parameterError code, must be read.

Example – Write a parameter value: DC link voltage [V] is the drive DC bus voltage. The control panel has dqnfoss functions: Conversion Conversion Table The different attributes for each parameter can be seen in the section on factory settings.


Danfoss VLT 6011 AC Drive 175z7360 10 HP 30.0a Variable Speed Drive 174b5218

Terminal Tightening Torque Terminal Tightening Torque Tighten terminals connecting the drive input power, output to the motor s NOTE Tighten terminals of volt vlr of 32 amps and ground to the values shown in the tables below. Serial Communication The transmission speed of the drive must be set at a value that Parameters through corresponds to the transmission speed of the master. HIGH reply Error message The parameter number used does not exist There is no write access to the 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The built-in proportional, integral, derivative PID controller in the drive maintains a constant condition pressure, temperature, flow, etc.

The serial communication on the communication option card is not working. Connecting input power to motor terminals will Conduit entry must be from the bottom on all drives. High Graham service department.

The value of the output frequency of the drive at any given time is transmitted as a bit word. This output can function both as a digital and an analog output.

Activate sleep mode in parameterSleep Mode Timer. For a read command, the index must have the following format: Graham, manufacturer of motor, and manufac- turer of driven equipment before selecting Description of choice: