The Siamese Tiger Fish Datnioides microlepis has been a standard in the aquarium industry for decades. It is a large, very attractive, deep bodied aquarium fish.

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However they can easily be distinguished with a bit of close observation. In the aquarium it is suggested that they be provided with places for retreat such as rocks and caves, or driftwood. John Tang – I like that fish so much.

There are Datnoid species that live exclusively in brackish water but the Siamese Tiger Fish is not one of them. Baensch, Microlepus S. Was an adoption situation so any info would be cool.

The need for a large external canister filter is very important. Kottelat, – Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 5 3: The young will eat zooplankton, but as they mature their diet becomes fish fry and small fishes, small shrimps, crabs, worms, and insect larvae.

These fish seem to do fine in either setting. Sourav mirolepis – Give. One of the most common freshwater fish ailments is ich. When first purchased however, yours will probably hide near the bottom until it gets accustomed to its new home.

If their tank is set up to match that of their natural environment, it can be very difficult to maintain a clean tank. Cleaning up after these big messy predators can be difficult with too much decor. Me good quality Datinious microlepos. They are not aggressive towards other species but will attempt to eat any fish that will fit into their mouth. Baensch, Aquarium Atlas Vol.


Indonesian Tiger Perch

In the ornamental trade D. First bar extending uninterrupted and undiminished across opercle and microepis thoracic region, and continued across ventral surface of body; a well defined black mark on ventral surface of body immediately anterior to base of pelvic fins not present in other Coius. Social Behaviors The Siamese Tiger Fish are non-aggressive towards other species but will sometimes quarrel among themselves.

Datnioides species possess protrusible mouthparts enabling them to capture relatively large prey. They will also datniiodes to eat any fish that will fit into their mouth. It dwells among submerged trees and roots. Sign our Guest Book. A group setting 5 or more is needed to disperse any aggressive behavior.

Siamese Tiger Fish

The challenge with having a tank designed to provide a more natural environment is that it is more of a problem to maintain. Take great care and make sure to properly clean or quarantine anything that you add to an established tank so not to upset the balance.

Floating plants and some sturdy aquatic plants set in the substrate can offer a sense of seclusion and also help to provide subdued lighting. They do not travel well and can be tricky to stabilise post-import, often refusing to feed and continuously exhibiting a colour pattern indicative of stress but also displayed at night.


This species should not be fed mammalian or avian meat such as beef heart or chicken since some of the lipids contained in these cannot be properly metabolised by the fish and may cause excess fat deposits and even organ degeneration.

Datnioides microlepis, Finescale tigerfish : fisheries, aquarium

Older individuals do not require feeding on a daily basis, with times per week sufficient. They are usually full bars extending across the entire body. It is said to possibly be extinct in the Chao Pharya river basin in Thailand.

Moderate vulnerability 42 of As a general rule, the number of bars on the fish will tell you its approximate origin. Juvenile from the German aquarium trade. Availability The Siamese Tiger Fish is commonly available but may be relatively hard to find due to its high price.