Page 1. Page 2. | । । । yALE UNIVERSIT`. LIBRARV. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page 14 . Call Number: Beinecke MS (Request the physical item to view in our reading room). Alternate Title: Voynich Manuscript. Date: [ca. ?] Genres.

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I do believe its a real language. Mermadeinusa – favorite – January 26, Subject: Beinecke MS Request the physical item to view in our reading room.

The last entry made last Rosenberg Petr Vok.

Also the manuscript has nothing to do with plants its just a means of confusion. Its artist s painted plants the way an herbalist would–somebody gathering them for a use. Based on the subject matter of the drawings, the contents of the manuscript falls into six sections: Why isn’t he chairing a department at Yale, why isn’t he world famous, if he’s correct?

More about permissions and copyright. Kaliel – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 5, Subject: There’s a great explanation on roots for each depiction as well as the top text is also depicted with the top of the plants.

Manuscrito Voynich

Each symbol has two characters. I feel like it is an observation How Fauna desfargar life form migrate from plant to animal – e. Here is a very interesting site written by a professional cryptanalysis.


So there is some rich duke who wants to seem intellectual and own a scientific book. Women The naked women in the river-like Things could be drawings of human Body parts.

For years now, people have been complaining that the alchemists were a pack of wolves operating in a den of iniquity; perhaps here’s some solid proof that at least one of them actually was. Javert – favorite favorite favorite – July 6, Subject: It is the older story in human history there are some crops that are planted at growing moon and some other have to be after the day of frost.

Something like Carl Jung and the truman show: The Friar and the Cipher: Holiday Schedule and Closed Collections Schedule.


The traditional reason for this was to keep the information out of the hands of the unworthy, while at the same time giving useful information to those that had been initiated into the Mysteries. MercyNeeded – – June 23, Subject: Scientific or magical text in an unidentified language, in cipher, manuscrlto based on Roman minuscule characters.

I am descarvar sure what was written in that book but it clearly says the manuscript was prepared by more than 1 person. People used to travel as far as they could.

Description of plants with texts and images. The resulting text seems to be rather artificial. Anyway, it’s good to see a nice hi res version available for free.

My first impressions about the language The words seem to be rather short letters.


Library Services research services request materials in the reading room order reproductions permissions and copyright fellowship opportunities reserve a classroom. Voynich, who acquired it in —are still being debated as vigorously as its puzzling drawings and undeciphered text.

Nashonic – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 6, Subject: The solution That is the one and only real solution of the Voynich manuscript. While the manuscript is authentic, the mystery surrounding it has been fabricated. I’ve been a Shaman for over 20 years now and have been studying DMT and it’s role in out anthropology.

Monday 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday-Thursday 9 am – 7 pm Friday 9 am – 5 pm Saturday Exhibitions only 12 pm – 5 pm Sunday Exhibitions only 12 pm – 4 pm.

Voynich Manuscript | Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Dee apparently owned the manuscript along with a number of other Roger Bacon manuscripts. The Voynich Manuscript Zlatodej Prof. It would take a person months of training to get the lettering so consistent for the whole manuscript. The implements the gravid women are holding seem to center around midwifery.

I am not here to translate the whole book for the reason explained, but there are “No Experts” other than researchers on Landa Khojki, Multani, Sindhi mentioned in the explanation.

Each character is defined, no guess work here.