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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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The personnel group commander must coordinate mail transportation requirements with the corps transportation officer. The corps operations platoon s provides the primary redirect services for the corps. These units decontaminate dos mail, if possible, and return it to the postal network.

I, Chapter 8; partDomestic Mail Manual, reference i ; and the individual country listings in the International Mail Manual, reference i.


Cod PERSCOM will assess the needs for international mail exchange within the theater dos operation and identify the postal operations platoon to conduct that mission. When the postal services unit knows the hospital, it labels the mail “patient” and forwards it to the hospital through the postal network.

Soldier redirect applies to individual pieces of mail requiring directory service prior to processing. Pallets built with multiple APO mail must always be downloaded for processing and onward movement.

The Geneva Convention, relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, identifies the need for EPW mail operations. However, other commodities may have higher priority. The Unified Commander is the coordination link between MPSA and the separate services and performs the following critical tasks:. They probably have new zip codes.

Postal services platoons provide postal finance services to the extent possible consistent with the theater mail policy. The postal services platoon s sends it through postal channels to the designated postal operations platoon s that processes casualty mail.


During the height of activity, the Central Postal Directory for the European Theater of Operations during World War II employed as many as 4, personnel to locate and redirect mail to reassigned or wounded soldiers lost to the units to which they had been originally assigned. Commanders and their staffs must plan for the logistical support given to competing demands and priorities during 455.6-m execution phase of an operation to react to unanticipated but necessary postal operations support requirements.

The postal services platoons process and dispatch mail to unit mail clerks who deliver to addressees. Unit mail clerks assume a great deal of responsibility, and they are faced with daily ethical and legal decisions in their efforts to get soldiers their mail. Once a package is discovered with a suspected 4525.6-m device, postal operations are immediately halted, and postal personnel and customers are immediately evacuated from the danger area.

The battalion S1 develops and coordinates a postal operations plan for assigned and attached units within the battalion by performing the following critical tasks:.

DoD M, Department of Defense Postal Manual,” 8/15/

Processing mail based on its 45256.-m is situational dependent. Mail flow in theater is shown in Figure Accountable mail is that which is registered, numbered, insured, or certified. Commanders may need to provide detailed requests through the chain of command to the USPS to ensure receipt of all necessary equipment and supplies. For example, the brigade MDP may be at the postal services platoon, if the brigade is located nearby.

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication in relation to the expediency of establishing a Money Post Office at City Point, and asking my wishes on the subject.


Services platoons handle doe of unit mail within their area of responsibility and limited soldier redirect services. Because of the bulk of packages, they would often be processed almost immediately after arrival at the postal company, often at the expense of bagged letter mail that arrived many days earlier.


This unit holds the mail until it can confirm through the theater PERSCOM that the casualty area commander has notified the next of kin, then returns it to the sender. The Federal Aviation Administration FAA often requires postal units to x-ray packages prior to loading retrograde mail onto commercial aircraft. The 4525.6m- PERSCOM and the personnel groups provide personnel and unit assignment and location information in automated form to operations and services platoons.

This equipment includes modern lighting, tentage, material handling equipment, automation, and communication equipment.

This chapter describes the mission and proponency of the postal operations management system, its postal network, doctrinal requirements, and standards of support.

The unit redirect function involves redirecting bags, trays, or pallets of mail because of task organization changes, unit relocation, or unit redeployment. Postal unit commanders must evaluate the threat environment and establish the postal unit’s standard operating procedure for dealing with possible explosive devices found in parcels.

Personal mail is that addressed to individual soldiers and civilians. The postal operations management system processes official, personal, accountable and “any-soldier” mail. The postal redirect function requires an integrated information management system throughout the theater of operations.

A postal operations platoon routes the mail to postal services platoons which separate it by unit.