Power Platform PP with TASKCard PQLite™ and TASKCard Dranetz- BMI DRAN-VIEW Software documentation and software are copyrighted with If you have a system with only 8 MB of RAM, you should avoid having too. Single Phase PQLite H-T-E-M TaskCard. •. DRAN-VIEW. ®. Single Phase PQLite. PP Version •. 32 MB Flash Memory Card w/ Adapter. Underlying the PP is DRAN-VIEW®, the industry-leading software that with optional memory card Expansion Memory Card 2 MB to 4 MB depending on .

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Limits and thresholds can be easily set to match equipment susceptibilities. Calculated as Vrms times Arms Three Phase: Pentium Pro or higher Processor clock frequency: With four differential voltage channels and four independent current channels, the measures, analyzes and records power quality, harmonics and energy data simultaneously and continuously on single- or three-phase systems, responding drznview a range of power system management needs: Supports an unlimited number of presentation aides such as 43000, statistical tables, and phasors in each window.

Hire a Dranetz PP from £78 a day minimum hire 7 days

Mathematical comparisons between data sets difference etc. Channel D low range: Includes sign to indicate direction of power flow Accuracy: In the Scope Mode, the PP allows real-time viewing of voltage and current waveforms and voltage and 43000 phasor diagrams.


Contact Technical Support for a free 10 day Dran-View 7 trial. Includes sign to indicate direction of power flow Three Phase: Average of instantaneous power samples taken as the product of voltage and current samples.

The software has been optimized for speed and to accommodate large data sets. Enhancements for the Enterprise edition only: Calculated as the sum of the three phases. Terminates to 9 pin connector for PC connection.

Dranetz PP4300

Re-scales instrument as well as calculated harmonics. Rescue Kit Data repair Adjust timestamps Flip current probes Change scaling factors Change connection type Mathematical Calculate trends and harmonic parameters from waveform data Inrush measurements for example Separate harmonic scaling for voltage, current and power Enhanced DFT features for selecting and analyzing harmonic spectra in the signal Mathematical formulas calculate leakage current etc.

Uses simple, intuitive drag-and-drop function to manipulate screen items. Includes sign to indicate capacitive or inductive Three Phase: Channel D high range: Includes sign to indicate capacitive or inductive Accuracy: These are not just screen captures, this is an advanced analysis of sample points recorded and saved by your Dranetz instrument, and presented in various forms including Time Plots, Event Lists, and Event detail.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

It is a snap to navigate, delivers automated functionality, and incorporates powerful analytical capabilities and customizable options to meet the needs of each individual user. Zoom-in capabilities allow the display of detail to 0. Presentation of up to 16 simultaneous data sets emanating from different instrument models. Time plots can be displayed for as many as 16 different parameters and 8 individual channels to identify abnormalities before they become problems.


Includes multi-conductor voltage measurement cable and AC power cable. Make sure you are buying the right tool for the job.

Dranetz PP |

Schedule a personal Dranetz product demo at your location, at your convenience. Multi-Site time synchronization Mathematical comparisons between data sets difference etc.

The PP captures critical data in unique configurations, including event data by event; worst case or activity report; m captured voltage and current waveforms; and power quality events classified to the IEEE standard for voltage disturbance.

Calculated as the vector difference between VA and W. Users can add or balance loads, verify equipment performance, or dtanview the need and effectiveness of mitigation systems. Allows fast and painless creation of print-queues or restore program states.

Effects file-compression half-size of the original data when saving DV6 documents.

Interface required for HASP security device. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.