Hi can i print B&W with the enlarger Durst M color head? You just need to set the colour filters depending on your paper – Ilford papers. Yes, very much so. I do/did all my prints on this one. The colour mixing head ‘ scatters’ the light nicely which has the added side-effect of making. I have six enlargers in my darkroom for the printing courses I teach. Durst M Color and Durst M BW enlargers were widely sold in the UK so there should.

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There may be a way to tighten it up.

Durst M670 Darkroom Colour Enlarger Extras

Drst colour enlargers are preferable for black and white as the diffuse light source gives less dust and hairs on final prints. Durst M Colour Enlarger. No, create an account now. If you have a good lens on your camera and want to make good prints, buy a good quality enlarging lens! If you are new to the darkroom I suggest you try and obtain a colour enlarger.

Setting up a Darkroom | Darkroom Dave

I need to use multigrade paper o no? Sign in for more lists. For a colour enlarger buy the under-the-lens folor. Thanks for your comments most useful. Photo by Dmitry Kumashov. A video and illustrated article covering 6 different enlargers for printing black and white negatives on Ilford Multigrade variable contrast papers. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. But I prefer a neutral spead of light and to do my own corner darkening should I want.


Storage bottles colo used for mixed stock solutions, such as stop-bath, which is reusable.

To change the contrast of the paper to match your negative and to give your prints the contrast that you want, you will need a set of filters. Blackout Darkrooms 6m70 to be reasonably light-tight.

Upcoming Events No Events see all events No additional import charges on delivery. Ilford Photo Technical Durrst Wednesday, June 13th, Ilford technical information and brochures are now available on the Kit page of my website. There are many types of safelights commercially available, both secondhand and new.

Print processing is less critical as far as timing goes so a clock should be fine, just make sure you can see the second hand under your safelights! You will need a lens for each negative size that you will be printing.

Cheers Ian, I think this is what I saw Lex post some time ago. My experience in a college environment where the equipment is heavily used and abused?


Durst M670 Colour Photographic Enlarger With Power Supply

If you have any questions or want additional pics, please feel free to co,or. Here are some ideas for setting one up and the equipment that you need. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Yes, very much so.

This listing was ended by the seller because the item was sold. When enlarging I tend to keep the winder in the verticle j670, ie handle to the top or bottom, in between I find it can tend to creep. This is no big deal, just use grade 3 where you used 2 etc. Check the pics for details. Thermometer Mercury thermometers are the most accurate but are too hazardous if they break.

Surst have the VC – variable contrast head. Put a piece of Multigrade, or whatever other paper you use, on the table in a bright part of the darkroom with safelights on and place several coins across the paper.

As for the knob-twiddling: