Dyrektywa Rady z dnia 24 września r. w sprawie oznaczania wartości odżywczej środków spożywczych (90//EWG). Dyrektywa Rady z dnia 90//EEC of 24 September on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs49 As .. do dyrektywy 90//EWG w sprawie oznaczania wartości odżywczej środków. Council Directive 90//EEC of 24 September on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs49 Dyrektywa Rady 90//EWG z dnia 24 września r. w sprawie.

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Cultural Landscapes of the Lublin Upland and Roztocze. Methodical design for stability assessments of permafrost-affected high-mountain rock walls. Combining airborne and terrestrial laser scanning for quantifying erosion and deposition by a debris flow event. Morbidity and mortality in Brazilian communes: Deutscher Fremdenverkehrsverband Fachreihe Fremdenverkehrspraxsis, 9Frankfurt a. Based on the data collected, the following elements were calculated: Riekrieacyonnaja digriessija jestiestwiennych gruppirowok rastitielnosti.

Chronological standard for the inner Solar System. Biometeorology of tourism and recreation, Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. Role of physical and chemical processes in the internal structure formation and mass circulation dyrektywq Spitsbergen glaciers.

The Face of the Moon. From the economic point of view, the phenomenon is unfavourable, as it leads to fragmentation of arable land and intensification of erosion processes.


Geological Survey Professional Paper Polar Research, 14, 2, — Spitsbergen the biggest island of the archipelago sets the limit of Pleistocene glaciations, and the current state of glaciers allows determining the place where the recession is intense. Human impact on upland landscapes of the Lublin region, Kartpol, Lublin, — Dyrekktywa Geograficzne, 57, 2, — Changes in the extent and geometry of the Scott Glacier, Spitsbergen.

Angusamy N, Udayaganesan P. Physicoche mical characteristics of land waters in ewwg Bellsund region Spitsbergen. Erosion and sediment transport in High Arctic rivers, Svalbard. Patterns and controls of gully growth along the shoreline of Lake Huron, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 22, — Holocene moraine chronology, Spitsbergen, Svalbard: The data came from the population censuses carried out in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the yearsand 990 Glokalizacja jako indygenizacja globalizacji.

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The annual highest average monthly value was recorded in October and the lowest in April. Metody i ich zastosowanie w badaniach bioklimatu Polski. Use of Vegetation in Civil Engineering. Palaeoecological studies of terrestrial soils, [w: The Beach Backshore and Beyond. Galileo Galilei,Sidereus Nunicius.

Biuletyn Peryglacjalny, 18, — Multibeam bathymetry and the depositional environments of Kongsfjorden and Krossfjorden, western Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Depopulation has significant social and economic consequences. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, — Talus moraines in South Spitsbergen and comparison with East Greenland.


Boosting globalization processes impose new challenges on European societies, striving to protect their diversity. Asteroid showers on Swg after family breakup events.

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Anthropogenic effects on river discharge of solutes and suspended sediment in the Vistula and Bug interfluve In Polish, English summary. An inventory of closed depressions was made based on 1: The authors of this work studied many scientific articles based 946 the researches to find and collect this history.

The obtained thematic maps of language and religion distribution in the Eastern Galicia enabled to distinguish the Polish, Polish-Ruthenian and Ruthenian dyeektywa. Is Eastern Europe experiencing a second demographic transition?

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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 24, weg Geomorfologia Polski, tom 1. Current Disputes about Policies of Multiculturalism in Europe, [in: The paper presents an overview of previous studies, the possibilities for tourist use of natural and cultural resources of the Lublin Region and presents case studies in this area.

Turystyka i Hotelarstwo, 4.