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Wait a minute, isn’t that sacrilege?

Transgressions | Erastes

Yes people like to read intimacy, but this book combines intimacy and romanticism. His own family, of which he was the youngest, were uniformly dark in countenance and dark in comportment. The beginning was good, and although It wasn’t a page turner, it did keep me coming back for more. On the whole, given the trials both men go through, I almost feel like it would have been more ‘true’ to avoid the happily-ever-after ending although I know that would have made it almost unpublishable.

Freed, directionless, and whimsical, David is eager to experience the drama and excitement of war, and follows two soldiers headed for battle, but the reality is a harsh awakening for his free-spirited nature.

Erastes (author) – Wikipedia

Granted, with the talk of war the forge was busier than ever recently and they were slipping behind on their orders, but did they really need another pair of inexperienced hands?

But when David find out that Tobia is dead, his feeling went back to Jonathan.

He is focused on his daily tasks and has little need for anything else. This is where you ‘hear’ the inner dialog of one of the characters as they fall in love.

He is everything David is not: To ruin a bit the paradise on earth where David is living arrive Jonathan, the new apprentice of his father; Jonathan is erasets where David is blond, but it’s not only a physical dissimilarity. David is supposed to be learning the trade from his father as well as helping to tend the farm.

Erastes is the penname of a erwstes author who lives in Norfolk, UK. I haven’t read Erastes earstes novel, Standish, yet it’s on the listbut a criticism I’ve read of it is that there’s a bit too much crammed into its pages. David knew he was beautiful; he did not own a looking glass, another sin but he had a river in which, secretly, he trandgressions gaze at his reflection.


David Caverly’s strict father has brought home the quiet, puritanical Jonathan Graie to help his dreamer of a son work the family forge. Results 1 – 30 of 44 Transgressions: David’s maturity comes not only from fighting as a soldier and learning to cope with living a harsh life, but also the relationships he forms with other men after he trnasgressions Jonathan separate. It’s love, it’s friendship, maybe it’s even a brotherly affection pushed too far, in any way, all the novel turns around this two men and how they met and lost together.

It would make a great gift for the kids as well!

I highly recommend this book! I liked the relationship between Jonathan and David when they were young, and I enjoyed following David as he grew and matured. They rarely bared any skin to each other no matter how hot tgansgressions sweaty they became, so the sight of David washing himself with such abandonment took Jonathan completely by surprise. To ask other readers questions about Transgressionsplease sign up.

The old English tongue of Jonathan with thou, thee and erawtes enhances the feel of the time period even more. He planned to do it later, before his father returned.


Clearly I’m not going to be on the side that thinks that straight women writing gay erotica equates to fetishization, but I also take issue with a lot of the writers in this debate.

Yet how could this be anything else? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of me feels like this is harsh but I do have my reasons. In a fit of temper, and only when his father was out of sight, David swung the axe high and broke a log with violent ease.

I might try again another time and see if I was just not in the right frame of mind. Jonathan Graie stood by the woodpile, ostensibly filling the log box, but in reality he was watching David, one hand frozen on the next log, staring as the young man washed himself. Overall, a good romance and not for the faint of heart. Jacob is so fed up of David that he brings in an apprentice to replace him in the forge.


Overall, Erastes has brought the past back to life in this involving story of two very different men who find love. Not only is this whole sequence difficult to read, but it left me thinking “How could David and Jonathan ever get back together now?

I’m not fond of stories where at every turn the characters are crying or are on the verge of tears. Seizing the opportunity to desert, David heads to London to lead a secret life, unaware that Jonathan too has left the forge in search of him. I had really hoped for a longer reunion because it was pretty brief compared to all of their separate experiences that were so meticulously fleshed out. The main thread with David and Jonathan was great, but there were a number of digressions that seemed unnecessary overall.

Despite the depth of thei I just adored this novel — it had me gripped from the very first page. I have the feeling that Jonathan was always condemned till the beginning since he believes in sin, and David was always freed from sin since he doesn’t believe in it. The fluidity of the story telling can be improved if the transitions between charac First the rating: This resulted in some angst for me as I already knew it wasn’t going to last, and I feared that there would be some abrupt and awful change in Tobias’ nature that sent David running back to Jonathan.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to speak with a little more civility.