FEFCO box styles (updated for ) offers a standardised range of designs for your corrugated packaging. Plus get a free FEFCO Standards PDF download. GWP can create FEFCO industry standard cartons, boxes and packaging from corrugated cardboard to any size you require for an effective, low. FEFCO Box Style Guide – A guide to all possible box styles, as defined by FEFCO (the European Federation of.

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James Dyson Foundation corrugated multi trip packaging. Claw-lock closure Winged flap closure.

Standards & Guidelines

The following diagrams showcase the typical commercial rolls and sheets available. If you have found the perfect FEFCO standard layout for your application, or just need some advice on the best solution for your specific application, please contact a member of our team here at GWP.

The predefined 3D model, which is part of each parametric design, gives users the ability to work smoothly and see the standaed made over the structure. This allows you take advantage of a wide range of tried defco tested box designs. Glued – eight-cornered base Corner unwebbed. Double product row Cap covered bottleneck. Commercial rolls and sheets. These have been split into the various categories as proposed by FEFCO, and are listed in numerical order.


Predefined 3D models of parametric designs. Cylindrical single product row Glued wrap-around.

Resizing and automatic structural modification by parameter editing. Buffer wall tray with shoulders. Folder-type boxes and trays usually consist of only one piece of board. Plastic box with no flaps Self-locking. Hexagonal with Recessed top cover. Auto closure Two-flap carrying handle. About Fedco Sitemap Back to Top.

Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are expressed as internal dimensions in mm as follows: Please click below to download a PDF document containing all of the FEFCO styles and supporting information print friendly version minimises ink use if you would like a hard copy.

Unless otherwise specified, the dimensions of a corrugated sheet are expressed in mm as follows: Sample packaging structures from EngView library of parametric designs.

Plastic tapered tray with carrying handle. Three-bottle diecut platform Special positioning. Would you like to find out more about the FEFCO cartons and packaging that could benefit your business? Styles, joints, diagram views and other supporting information.


Sleeves open packaging for display base. Tray with self locking wall and hinged lid. Bliss style container Double crease flaps. Dimensions should be measured under standard climatic bearing the thickness of the material in mind. Plastic streight regular tuck With hanging panel.

FEFCO launches standards for converting equipment

Thank you for your request! Full closure Closure with extended pane. The drawing style layouts as shown in this Code may need to be re-arranged depending on the Manufacturers Fefcp chosen.

Your registration has expired, please write to support engview. Columned tray Raised panels and handl. Four-single-wall glued tray Glued corner.

FEFCO launches standards for converting equipment

Tray with hinged lid with tuck tongues. FEFCO meaning and background. Hook locks Snap lock. Unglued self-locking with four double walls. Several case types may have derived versions without the necessity to create a new style.