Elfriede Hermann, «Communicating with Transculturation», Le Journal de la Société des Océanistes by the Cuban sociologist Fernando Ortiz ([]. ) . Fernando Ort z on the Phases of Transculturation, from a speech made in Abstract. MARRERO LEON, Erelis. Transculturation and cultural studies. A brief approach to Fernando Ortiz’ thinking. Tabula Rasa [online]. , n

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Nor are these stages inevitable phases which all persons of various, and even opposing ethnic groups, are forced to undergo. In one general sense, transculturation covers warethnic conflictracismmulticulturalismcross-culturalisminterracial marriageand any other of a number of contexts that deal with more than one culture. Transculturation encompasses more than transition from one culture to another; it does not consist merely of acquiring another culture acculturation or of losing or uprooting a previous culture deculturation.

In a word, he looks upon the dominated race with kinder eyes provided they “keep their place. In many cosmopolitan societies, religion is everything—social, utilitarian, intellectual, political; from the point of view of people of immersed cultures; The very concept of ethnicity and its distinctions is incongruous to their immersed concepts. Second is customwhich may overlap religion.

In OctoberU. The white, with transcultiration without the slave system, exploits the black who, powerless against force, defends himself with his shrewdness and makes clever adjustments based on his mistrust of the white.

This can become evident in social situations, where people divide into separate groups, despite being of an identical “super-ethnicity”, such as nationality.

This common theme, representing dualist opinions of ethnoconvergence itself, within a single ethnic group is often manifested in issues of sexual partners and marriageemployment preferences, etc. Nevertheless, obstacles to ethnoconvergence are not great. This does not mean that most Europeans reject learning other languages. Don’t have an account? Degrees of fernano conflict vary from outright genocidal conquest, to lukewarm infighting between differing political views within the same ethnic community.


Search my Subject Specializations: In most regions, ethnic divides are binary, meaning only two distinct cultures are present, each seeing the other as foreign. Thus, conforming to the “ethnic integrity” of the region. Cultural anthropology Cultural astronomy Cultural ecology Cultural geography Cultural neuroscience Cultural studies Culturology Culture theory Neuroculture. Print Save Cite Email Share.


The black man is now able to dance and the white man is amused by him. The general processes of transculturation are extremely complex—steered by powerful forces at the macrosocial level, yet ultimately resolved at the interpersonal level. At last the black man is conquered, but he is not resigned to his fate. Religionor belief, is the prime ethnocentric divider. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Elizabeth Kath argues that in the global era we can no longer consider transculturation only in relation to the face-to-face, but that we need to take into account the many layers of abstracted interactions that are interwoven through face-to-face encounters, a phenomenon that she describes as layers of transculturation.

He is an exemplary model of postcolonial agency and accomplishment. Liverpool Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. University Press Scholarship Online. There still remains a fifth phase that we must reach some day-the phase of integration.

The mixed blood is made white, by law or through wealth or ancestry; but his life is a constant frustration aggravated by ceaseless pretense. Views Read Edit View history. The obstacle to ethnoconvergence is ethnocentrismwhich is the view that one’s culture is of greater importance than another’s. All this occurs fernanxo in the nineteenth century.

Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: The colored man is with all dignity recovering control of his own fate and attaining self-respect. Please, subscribe or login to access full text content. Nor are these stages peculiar to the white-master-vs. Ethnocentrism often takes different forms, as it is a highly personal bias, and manifests itself in countless ortz of culture. Often the elderly, more conservative-in-association of a clan, tend to reject cross-cultural associations, and participate in ethnically similar community-oriented activities.

Transculturation – Wikipedia

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is today’s phase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The people are told that the Tdansculturation is subhuman and bestial.


Now comes the second phase, that which usually transpires during the first generation: This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat By using this transculturaion, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There is praise for types transculturxtion as the “good Negro” and “the good master;” but even so, the ruler and the ruled distrust each other. This is tomorrow’s phase, the last phase, where cultures fuse and conflict ceases, giving way to a tertium quid, a third entity and culture and to a new society culturally integrated, where mere racial factors have lost their dissociating power.

The third phase constitutes a period of adjustment.

Transculturación y estudios culturales. Breve aproximación al pensamiento de Fernando Ortiz

In Cuba we are at last on the road to mutual understanding in spite of prejudices that have not been eradicated and are even aggravated today by foreign political ideologies whose principal exponent is Hitler with all his brutal race theories. Often it’s in a secular, multi-ethnic environment that cultural concerns are both minimised and exacerbated; Ethnic prides are boasted, hierarchy is created “center” culture versus “periphery” but on the other hand, they will still share a common “culture”, and common language and behaviours.

Culture terminology Human migration Cultural geography Multiculturalism Cultural studies Interculturalism Cultural exchange. Rather, it merges these concepts and additionally carries the idea of the consequent creation of new cultural phenomena neoculturation.

Environmental phenomena and the personality of the individual may hasten or skip one phase or another.

Transculturation is a term coined by Cuban anthropologist Fernando Ortiz in [1] to describe the phenomenon of merging and converging cultures.