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Never stand on the unit. Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to reduce the risk of death or injury from fire or explosion.

О компании

If any damage has occurred document it with the trucking company immediately. For further More information. Guaranty and Declaration Copyright Technologies, Inc. Welding processes on certain kinds or combinations of metals can generate toxic fumes. Welding processes can fier dangerous for the operator and bystanders if the safety warnings and instructions are not heeded. If you are obliged to use the unit in such areas, turn off all water supplies and check the area has been evacuated.

Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid harm from toxic welding gases. This manual is y integral part of the machine and must accompany it whenever moved or resold. Provides negative output current to the welding circuit Fumer. The unit contains no user serviceable. Many compressed gas cylinders are stored at extremely More information.

  EXAM 70-526 PDF

Place the Welder in a safe, protected area. If you are obliged to weld a cistern, ALWAYS passivate it by filling it with sand or a similar inert substance before fime any work. Without the written permission of the copyright holder, More information.

Pay particular attention to the fact that even bystanders should be aware of, and understand, the dangers existing in the welding area. Rear Air-intake grill Fig.

Twisted or coiled cables can also cause Welder malfunction. Set the welding current according to the diameter of the electrode and the thickness of the workpiece. Read the regulator instructions 027.

Fimer T207

The operator must carefully read and follow. Connect the gas fimee regulator to the cylinder, then connect the torch hose to the pressure regulator.

Other spare parts could cause equipment malfunction. The 27 can be used to review the program before conducting More information. As there is more than one switch in this series, the diagrams might slightly. Welding circuitry is usually low voltage, however, as a precaution, do not touch the welder electrodes. General product information 3.

VRS5W instruction manual Version 1. This manual applies to the MicroView.

Fimer T Amper Inverter Kaynak Makinası | Kaynak Makineleri | Pinterest | MMA

Welding parameters wrong set Welder Rough movements Leave the machine to cool until the warning led disappears. All warranty provisions will immediately become null and void if any repair, or attempt to repair, not specifically authorized in writing or handled by the constructor is carried out. Time-delayed fuses or K-standard circuit breakers should be used. Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva. As such, only experienced or fully-trained people should use the equipment.


Switch the mains power source off immediately THEN provide assistance. When removing the plug, disconnect the earth wire last. If you perform More information. Not for use in explosive atmospheres.

Trademark Information is a registered trademark of More information. Remember that any tool or equipment can become a hazard if it is not looked after properly. Contact your Kellogg Distributor More information.

Contact Details Please note that some of the contact details on this PDF document may not be current. Consult the following chapters of this manual for information regarding the connections required for MMA and TIG welding. It should be fimfr within the operator s reach at all times. Presence of this label on the product means it must not be disponed in normal household waste and fkmer be disposed separately.

All equipment connected to electric power supplies can be dangerous if the manufacturers instructions are not read and observed. You have bought a great, innovative product from Showtec.