I’ve imported a floorplan, that didn’t import with the correct scale – ie door width is 2′-9″ not 3′-0″. How do I update the scale by clicking two. Everything you want to know about and Check out this in depth Floorplanner review – one of the free floor plan I thought maybe they’re trying to make us use MagicPlan to import floor plans, but then I.

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Extruding the Lines into Actual Walls Next, we have to extrude the multi-segment line we just drew into Surfaces that will become the actual walls of the venue.

There’s a floor plan viewer available on the ipad and iphone nothing on android just yet. It is also easy to change the direction of openings, as well to change the width, height and placement of the windows. However, you can’t set your own scale.

Duplicating the furniture is also very easy and helps to create the same kind of furniture or a row of potted plants. I’ve mentioned in some of floorplamner other free floor plan software reviews that I like to be able to get inside the rooms as well. You can work in meters or feet and change between them at any time. Note in the screenshot below how I carefully positioned the cursor at the exact starting point of the line representing the wall of the venue.

Tablet Version Yes There’s a floor plan viewer available on the ipad and iphone nothing on android just yet. It’s also worth mentioning publishing importt. See the instructions in the omport section above. Import Floor Plan Yes It’s a bit hard to find. Once you have completed this procedure, the venue looks like this: First Floor 3D View. There’s a bunch of plants and accessories you can choose from as well. There’s the typical sign in first step with your email address or through Google – impot Facebook login and then you can get going quickly.


Save the file in BMP format.

Switching to Isometric View will show this… Creating Doors and Windows Once the walls are complete, it is a good idea to create the doors and windows before drawing anything else. It is very simple to add windows, doors and stairs. There are a few feature restrictions but nothing too major – not being able to print to scale is the one that’s a pain to do without.

A window appears prompting you to enter the length of the dimension you just defined. The dimensions are displayed when you drag the walls. The lines are transformed into surfaces. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. I wish you all the best for your project. It is very easy to save your project.

Importing a floor plan

They are also integrated with MagicPlan. The import option is in the weirdest place.

Highlight the Columns layer, and deselect the check mark beside Editable to make this layer uneditable. Floorplanner does what it says on the tin, or the home page. To do iport, simply right-click in empty space within the Plan View imoort choose Hide Floorplan. Floorplanner constantly reminds you that there are new changes made into the plan, and asks if you would like to save the project. We will start by drawing the walls of the venue as lines, which we will then extrude into surfaces.

Once this is done, we will use the Boolean Subtract tool to create the doors and windows. To set the end point of this line, scroll over and click on the second corner that you measured before step 7 above. Home Floorplanenr Me Review.


Thank you for visiting House Plans Helper. You can share your design through Facebook, Twitter or through email. Floorplanner is integrated with an iphone app called MagicPlan.

How to import a floorplan

Drawing floor plans with Floorplanner is really user friendly and intuitive. Cloning a floor in Floorplanner. Then, without finishing the Line command, click on the end point of this wall where it joins the next diagonal wall.

Once you make a room, it is very easy to distort flkorplanner shape of the room as well.

How to import a floorplan | HomeByMe

Home Design Workshop 1. To overcome this, ikport must change the surfaces that we have drawn walls, floor, and ceiling into Single-Sided surfaces. Help was available through forums, a user manual, video tutorials and by directly contacting the help team.

It took a while to figure it out, but here are the steps to clone a floor on Floorplanner. From floodplanner Draw menu, select Riser.

You can use MagicPlan to draw the outline of a room and then upload it into Floorplanner to tweak the design and decorate. To ungroup the surfaces, simply select them, right-click, and select Ungroup. Also, the navigation system to control the zooming and panning made it frustrating to get it into the right position. Ungroup the walls of the venue by clicking on a wall to select them f,oorplanner, and then right-clicking and selecting Ungroup.

The basic level is free but you are restricted to one floor plan, which I guess is fine if it’s just you designing your home.