Model TA(K)43 and TA(K)55 require an external equalized expansion valve. Dimensional Data. Model Pricing. Thin Profile Air Defrost. Bohn. Friga-Bohn @ Kooltech. Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. £2, $3, ,48 € £2, $3, ,74 € (ex. Useful links · Careers · General Catalogue. Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL- France, FRIGA-BOHN General Catalogue. banner-banner1. Mailing list for.

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LIQ Liquid line with dryer filter, hygroscopic indicator and operating valve.

Select for each model: Siemens “polycool” electronic expansion valve with probe and sensor for control of superheating during normal operation. Deep-freeze tunnel principle with an NW 1 Height-adjustable legs: Return on investment calculation tool: Heatcraft proposes qualified instructors with in-depth knowledge and extensive technical experience acquired in the field. RFA Air stream deflector. VVK Speed controller kit shipped with the unit cstalogue chosen.

Cagalogue unit cooler used in refrigeration cabinets and small cold rooms – single discharge.


Support legs extended frga to 1, mm optional to meet installation requirements. High speed during the charging phase catalkgue high capacity. RLS Oversized liquid receiver. They are much lighter and the reduced rack weight renders them easier to handle less risk of damage or injury when installing the unit. To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment as well as an efficiency check.


CO2 R optimization please contact us for details.

This site uses cookies allowing us to publish personalized content and advanced tools. Family of condensers equipped with two or three fans, available with horizontal and vertical air flow. E1K E1U Light electric defrost. Floor mounting system for easy installation and maintenance. Only the selection software, at your disposal on simple request, will allow you to select the dry cooler which suits the best your needs. Left or right as required 2.

Contact us for the selection. Heatcraftreservesitselftherighttomakechangesatanytimewithoutpreliminarynotice-Photosnon-contractual Compressor rack Other configurations Specially adapted to suit dimensional, acoustic and energy efficiency constraints.

Calaméo – Friga Bohn (Heatcraft Europe) Product Catalogue

The fin spacing and defrost mode is different for each application. The frigw, – standard – or S oversized for high ambient temperatures. Three-phase external rotor motors, V, 50 Hz, IP54, class F, 4 P 1, rpmpermanently lubricated, internal thermal overload protection.

An additional protection is provided with a special coating on the coils.

Frig speed during a long storage period or in case of presence of employees for reduced noise level. Family of high capacity condensers equipped with centrifugal fans. Optimized coil for glycol water applications GT2I-W Defrost HG1 Hot gas coil: The low noise ALN model is ideal for use in an urban environment. Family of medium capacity condensers equipped with centrifugal fans. The condenser is indeed built as catalogke around W-shaped micro-channels coils for easy installation in confined spaces.


Values measured under nominal operating conditions with clean coils and rated voltage. M Axial fans 12 mm NW Only the acoustic pressure spectrum and Lw value, are contractually binding.

Safety No sharp or cutting edges. In addition, SilenTop hides fans and acts as acoustic enclosure. Miscellaneous Bohh Full crate packaging. Application requiring installation of a textile duct VGT cstalogue MP5 option Shell used to fasten the textile duct not suppliedthe special-purpose fan ensures the ventilation air pressure of 50 Pa available. Protection and control enclosure MEC Condensation pressure control with speed variation using an electronic swichting motor EC.