From Manassas To Appomattox has ratings and 35 reviews. General James Longstreet is one of the most controversial figures of the American Civil War. This on-line edition of Lieutenant-General James Longstreet’s memoirs is based directly on the second edition published by Lippincott, Philadelphia. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Google mistakenly placed a picture of JEB Stuart instead of James Longstreet at the front of the scanned file. User Review.

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And most unfortunately once we get to Gettysburg, and then for much of the balance of the book, the desire for score settling becomes a distraction and a bit unseemly. He was janassas of the picturesque. A fascinating book, although a somewhat slow read due to the language of the 19th century. He has been called stubborn and vain; and he has been lauded as one of the greatest feom of th General James Longstreet is one of the most controversial figures of the American Civil War.

There is self-interest in this account, an alibi-intensive recounting, that sometimes pervades the narrative, but there is also that sense of helplessness, of waste, that surrounds the account. It is so full of typos and off characters used to make letters that it is just hard to read. To many at the time, it was impossible that Robert E.

For that, he was de While dry in spots, this was a very informative memoir, told from a viewpoint seldom heard. A few times in his book he claimed that if the South had done this or taken that action the war would have ended. When war breaks out, he and a number of other officers, resign their commissions to return home and fight for their native state country.


At times he becomes bogged down in order of battle issues that can easily be gleaned from other sources, while neglecting to give us the kind of unique and personal insight he is so well positioned to provide. Too technical, too too detailed. General Jackson’s command will form the advance, and, after passing Middletown, with such portion as he may select, take the route James Longstreet No preview available – He surrendered with the rest of the lonhstreet at Appomattox Court House on April 9, This account was well written by him and worth reading.

Considering how long and bloody the American Civil War was, a grand battle that completely ended it seems like a flight of fancy. Could they really be so comfortable with death? Lists with This Book.

From Manassas to Appomattox: Memoirs of the Civil War in America – James Longstreet – Google Books

His solution was to join the Republicans, then led by his rfom friend Grant. At no point did he ever seem to take responsibility for unsuccessful actions except for perhaps one point just west of Knoxville. There’s a general lack of concentration on Longstreet’s personal experiences through a lot of the narrative. Longstreet’s memoirs reflect the combative style of the old soldier.

From Manassas to Appomattox

I got the free edition for my nook. Apr 07, Ray Stafford rated it it was amazing. For the record, I am a southerner, born in Georgia. It was decent, though I would more highly recommend Alexander’s work. An excellent tactician, he is somewhat self deprecating in several parts, he doesn’t make himself out to be a hero and he isn’t out for glory.

This excerpt demonstrates how pervasive Biblical allusions were—even in such violent times and in support of a reprehensible institution slavery. There is a raw power to this material that sometimes overwhelms.


If you want to read about every movement of each brigade in every action he was in, this is the book for you. In particular, Longstreet uses this book to parry the literary thrusts of Jubal Early and Fitzhugh Lee. Hill was riding on horseback.

Certainly, when Ulysses Grant took command of union forces, the war became a war of attrition.

From Manassas To Appomattox

This is an important read for military historians and serious students of the American Civil War. How do we get the picture corrected?

Their tremendous historical interest lies not only in his personal account of the progress of the Civil War, and in the many fascinating anecdotes about Lee and his officers, but in the insight they afford into the mind and character of one of the bravest and most loyal of southern generals. So, it is worth reading Longstreet’s version of events, which help to put the postwar controversies into perspective.

One hundred and twenty years later, I know the results of the argument, and know some of the accusations levelled; but he was in the thick of it, and many sections of the book are written specifically to counter what people were saying of him then. The one general who seems to consistently earn his praise is Hood, which is hard to swallow.