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This is an excellent book on French enlightenment philosophers, especially Diderot, Holbach, and to a lesser extent Rousseau. The view that Rousseau was the originator of totalitarianism is entirely unhistorical.

De vriendschap vertroebelde echter door de labiele persoonlijkheid van Rousseau — hij had vaak te kampen met aanvallen van razernij en werd geplaagd door paranoia waardoor hij overal samenzweringen tegen blm geniale zelf zag.

I did like the extra information regarding their lives, how they changed, and the reflectivity of viewing their lives th While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement phipipp the philosophesI did find this a chore to read through starting about halfway.

A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This stated partiality initially concerned me, but did not reduce my enjoyment of the book overall. At a time when culture is beginning to go backwards to a time of willful, stupidity and ignorance in the guise of fundamentalism and evangelism in the United States, above all this is wonderfully assuring reading.

I wanted to read this book as my knowledge of the Enlightenment was sketchy it still is, to be fair. Rousseau, who frequently visited Diderot while he was in prison, may already have known Holbach. His books were burned and banned because he was the philosopher of social equality in an epoch of gross inequality.

Results for Philipp-Blom | Book Depository

Omdat De Wever zo slim was het steeds beleefd te houden en sportjournalist Lieven Van Gils de discussies helaas al te vaak vroegtijdig afsloot, kon de kijker de indruk krijgen dat Vermeersch en De Wever amper van mening verschilden terwijl dit ten gronde wel het geval was. Books by Philipp Blom.

While I very much enjoyed the subject matter and contextual, formative placement of the philosophesI did find this a chore to read through starting about halfway.


Highly disappointed with this book. Or perhaps I need to find a salon dedicated to that discussion thread i Really enjoyed this book, the author does protest too much about Rousseau, but still a great read.

In Western culture, the late 17th and most of the 18th century is known as The Enlightenment — a European intellectual movement where reason was placed on centre stage and used as the basis for submitting all traditional values into question.

This was a really compelling read for a social history. May 24, Ann Talbot rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The only complaint I had was the detail in which the author explained the ideas of the philosophes.

This is pdligrosa clearly and at length, in a highly sympathetic and appealing style. Change and Culture blomm the West, peligrosaa As a result, claims Blom, the remarkable achievements of the radical philosophers became sidelined and they lacked the recognition they richly deserved – so much so, in fact, that while Voltaire and Rousseau are memorialized in the Pantheon, Holbach and Diderot were buried in an obscure ossuary, later looted by rebels, and local clergy are reluctant even to admit the presence of their unidentified remains.

Nov 11, Bruce rated it liked it. Not only are the lives and ideas of the current characters discussed in context, but Blom also takes the time to discuss those people that influenced their thought, some of which I only now realized I had not fully fleshed out before. I have a much better idea of how these people interacted, what they thought of the world and of each other, and how their ideas spread; I also have a very clear impression of what an insufferable asshole Jean-Jaques Rousseau was.

Or perhaps I need to find a salon dedicated to that discussion thread instead The absolute monarchies of early modern Europe were legitimised by the Church tente the general will was a gwnte concept that ran entirely counter to official politics. However these would become precursors to our own sentiments on the subject: Even the form of the book would be revolutionary since its entries were arranged alphabetically giving no precedence to subjects such as theology, church history or social ranks.

Philipp Blom

He was adopted by a wealthy uncle who had bought his title of baron from the imperial court of Vienna. Dit boek is een historische studie over de totstandkoming van het kritisch rationalisme, maar laat zich evengoed lezen als een filosofische roman. For optimisism’s sake, I’ll hope the rest of the book is nothing like it. I appreciate how this new look at the Englightenment compares to the radicals of thought in our current day and age, especially men such as Christopher Hittchens and Richard Dawkins.


The latter is definitely the villain and comes across very poorly. Lists with This Book.

Blom demonstrates that his ideas were at best a retreat from Enlightenment values and at worst sowed the seeds for fascist ideology. Blom refers to the injunction of the Roman poet Horace: Many, many in this country, this fruit of the Enlightenment would have us recognize a state religion.

Nov peliggosa, Lauren Albert rated it liked it Shelves: Quotes from A Wicked Peligosa It became more prevalent in liberal circles following the Russian Revolution when Rousseau was seen as an inspiration for Bolshevism.

After giving some initial biographical information of the characters that loom the largest in the book — Diderot, Holbach, and Rousseau — we proceed to learn more about their philippp and their circle of what are usually considered more minor friends.

However, blmo individuals’ lives were not overtly dramatic despite their supposed radicalism: His academic works include: Bijzonder leuk is de korte biografie van elke passant die achteraan het boek werd opgenomen en de vele citaten uit minder gekende en toegankelijke werken. Forgive my unmentionably irritating pun, but this is sacred to me: I did like the extra information regarding their lives, how they changed, and the reflectivity of viewing their lives through their respective philosophies.

He distinguishes between a moderate deist Enlightenment and a radical Enlightenment. The tragedy of Rousseau, and ultimately of the French Revolution, was that the most advanced thinkers which the Enlightenment produced could not, by sheer force of intellect, discover a means of ensuring equality among the citizens of the First Republic.

It starts slowly but fully held my interest to the end.