On a snowy Friday night in , just hours after making love for the first time, Richard’s girlfriend, high school senior Karen Ann McNeil, falls into a coma. Review In this latest novel from the poet laureate of Gen X–who is himself now a dangerously mature boy does indeed meet girl. The year is. Nicholas Lezard on Douglas Coupland’s best yet: Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland pp, Flamingo, £ Sat 14 Nov

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The differences were that it starts with the pregnant girlfriend clupland a teenage boy, both part of a very sociable crowd of kids, falling into a coma. The dialogue was far too American or Canadian?

Richard has to cope with losing Karen but gaining a daughter, Megan, as fatherhood is thrust upon him: An annoying book that does not provoke ‘deeper thoughts’ and ‘questions about life’ What starts off as a moderately interesting book with a clever story and filled with pop culture references, the book delves into this annoying, dreary and deviating,rant and I stress the word rant about ‘life’ and ‘it’s meaning’ and the ending is just bad, and just a huge bunch of annoying and forgettable characters who are depressed for no particular reason and seem depressed even when there is meant to be joy.

It might have been better had I known what to expect.

Girlfriend in a Coma

Whilst the concept within Girlfriend in a Coma is undoubtedly of interest, I did not feel as though the douylas was quite as well realised as it could have been. This is a worthy message. It is considered one of Coupland’s finest novels, with a stronger narrative than some of his earlier books but still providing relevant cultural criticism and commentary. The kind who thinks they’ll never be another cog in the machine.

Personally, I see no purpose in the use of the contrasting genres. It’s well written, and everything’s going along pretty well until BAM spoiler it turns into an apocalyptic “The Stand” type book right out of the blue. This book blew me away, again articulating what had been my intuited sense of my generation’s reality.



In addition, girrlfriend will be re-united with their old lives with the catch that Karen has to go back and remain in a coma whilst the rest of them have to dedicate their lives to preaching in the streets to never stop asking questions: The characters have to deal with the end of the copland as predicted by Karen in her coma. Not what I expected.

Rate this book – very good good not so good poor very poor.

I like how Coupland manages to make you think without overwhelming you or depressing you. The novel is set in Vancouver “because [his] brain was so incapacitated [he] decided [it] had to be set in [his] own neighbourhood. Sappy at its core, but showing signs nonetheless of Coupland’s evolution as a cima not wholly dependent on trend- spotting and zeitgeisty patter. I will still continue to read his work though because there was a lot to like in this book.

This book blew me awa Is it because Coupland also lived in Japan and Hawai’i, makes himself crazy extrapolating what our current patterns of consumption will mean environmentally, or so shrewdly id’s, adores and impugns middle class suburban life and its children that make me love his writing?

I imagine I’ll have an entirely different opinion the next time around. Languages Dansk Svenska Edit links.

I think we all want to do that—radically reinvent ourselves—I think it’s our deepest need. View all 9 comments. At this point I am a cynical bitch with little time for this sort of self-involved frippery, I guess. So during those seventeen comatose years the group gets sucked into ‘reality’ and develop their lives, achieving their childhood aspirations; Wendy – becoming a doctor, Pam – attaining a role as a supermodel, Linus goes in search for Answers to the big Question, Hamilton submerges himself into special effects with Richard still grieving and hoping for the off-chance miracle of Karen’s re-awakening – which occurs in part two.

Which part did you prefer, before the apocalypse started or after? At their nadir, you realize you are watching something like an honest episode of Friends – an episode set in Purgatory. And then the world ends.


At times I was unsure whether or not I had been transported to a parallel universe where all books were shallow, yet supposedly deep, self-mocking, yet pretentiously inspired with wit and contemporary humour In fact I get the feeling Coupland wanted to inspire, but fell short. During those seventeen years the rest of the group – except Richard Karen’s Boyfriendthough unnerved by the event, eventually realise they have no choice but to carry on their lives without Karen.

Karen, the girlfriend of the title, sinks into a coma in and awakes almost 20 years later. I still choke up towards the end of Girlfriend in a Coma. Why would she leave me? Karen’s full name is Karen Ann McNeil and the circumstances of her lapse into a coma are similar to those in the famous Karen Ann Quinlan case.

Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland, A Review

BBC Radio 3 broadcast an adaptation of the novel as part of its “Drama on 3” strand on 24 February View all 3 comments. There was a problem adding your email address.

Fun had become a scrim, concealing the hysteria that lay behind it. The rest of Part 1 is narrated by Richard, in the first person, as he tells the story of what happened in the 17 years.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I really wanted to like this book, as I’ve wanted to read it for ages and when I was younger I used to LOVE Douglas Coupland, but it has become obvious now that some lovers should remain in the past. I bet this is one of Zach Braff’s favorite books. I read a third of it then when he was at work and it was too cold to venture outside and set it aside as things got busy and life got kind of serious for a while.

Douglas Coupland has a way with words, very clever.

Print Hardback and Paperback.