Table Of Contents. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big MeaniesIntroduction: Grammar Snobs Make Good Prison Brides 1. A Snob For All Seasons—Shared. I have to confess, I love grammar. To me, it’s fascinating, not frustrating. I know many people don’t share my passion and that’s okay. But as. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies is a laugh-out-loud funny collection of anecdotes and essays on grammar and punctuation, as well as hilarious critiques.

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The difference is bloodlust.

It could certainly be better-organized, and there are rules that she simply ignores bgi really is a difference between “Do you mind me asking? This book did clarify some grammar ambiguities for me while making me laugh out loud at times. For those of us who both love detailed grammar rules, want to grammaf fun of those who misuse them, AND make fun of those who take them to seriously, all in one.

Any English language learner. Yes, I get excited over punctuation. She gives reasonable critiques of the rules; she offers excellent advice throughout the book; she also never deigns to be the language authority, only its messenger Are You a Snob? Sure, good way to dress it, but does it work?

Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies by June Casagrande | : Books

Half the ‘rules’ they use to humiliate others are really just judgement calls and the rest they don’t even understand themselves. But really, there are only two things you need to know about it. This leads to the only true complaint that I have.

Casagrande asks the reader to not let this get to them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One, grizzly bears were so named because brown grizzlies have silver-tipped fur. I wasn’t questioning their content, but I was trying to polish enobs up and make it easier for the reader to understand.

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Even better than that, Casagrande overviews the opinions of the major grammar and usage bibles on all the key issues of the day. I can now state with certainty that my 12th grade English teacher, Mrs. For instance, Latin has no word for the internet. Here’s Casagrande’s answer, and boy howdy does she back it up with research: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Although the tone of the book was rather entertaining, as the chapter progressed, I found myself identifying more and more often with the “Grammar Snobs” than with the author and her intended audience.

There are some good explanations of certain grammar rules done in a non-teacherly way. Her jokes mostly hit the mark, and in several places I was laughing out loud in public places, trying to hide the fa I think this review is best done by simply discussing the conclusions I made while reading: And as long as we exclude people, things will remain as they are.

Here’s some good news for everyone who’s ever been bullied into believing they can’t speak their own language: Casagrande discusses splitting infinitives in her book, and she actively encourages her readers to go about splitting them as long as it makes them happy. My bailiwick was punctuation and grammar. In doing so, Casagrande makes clear just how unclear modern English grammar is.

Some books on this subject are so dry that they could be used in the perfect martini.

Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies

But, at times it gets bogged down in its own cuteness. You know the type Or at least, how devilishly tricky it can be. Refresh and try again. It hits a raw nerve for me, having grown up in a country where classism and silencing through denied education was not just a dirty bourgeois secret, but something that was snovs in law.


The first group will find the book infuriating. Open Preview See a Problem? And just to prove her point, she ingress out famous gamer snobs and pulls them down. To understand it differently will not only lead to people feeling excluded by language, but by society too. Since menas time, I have grown a bit rusty in an area I always found interesting. The book is for everyone. More, what you ma Grammar nazis, snobs, meanies- call them whatever you like- June Casagrande made sure to paint a mdans of a bunch of conservative people with probably broomsticks stuck up their asses.

I think my favorite chapter was at the end – called ‘Satan’s Vocabulary’. I much prefer knowing what is and is not correct and when there is a choice or the rules are silent, what is the preferable usage.

Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for Fun and Spite

I like any purported authority who encourages speakers to do what they already intuitively know is right—-grammarians sonbs ruined the language more than any backwater mountain man.

Aug 27, Sarahinparis rated it did not like it. It will only serve to alienate people from good english. That said, there’s a lot of good information buried in the cartoon references. She tells her reader that she researched both for this book, and it shows in the best way.