Gregory Palamas: The Triads. THE CLASSICS OF WESTERN SPIRITUALITY SERIES. Gregory Palamas: The Triads. Edited with an introduction by John. Read the full-text online edition of The Triads (). Gregory Palamas () monk, archbishop and theologian was a major figure in fourteenth-century Orthodox Byzantium. This, his greatest work, presents .

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Palamas holds that the theophanies in Scripture were cases of men really seeing God. He does not repeat the philosophical error held by Avicenna, Maimonides, Scotus that existence is an accident or determination of essence, and therefore ontologically subordinate gregoty essence. Although we sometimes speak of the energies as powers or faculties, we should not understand this in the sense of potentialities.

Still, these attributes or energies are just aspects of the Essence, not entities outside of the Essence. The energies and attributes are absolutely unoriginate not as separate beings, but by virtue of subsisting in the absolutely unoriginate Divine Essence. We might even regard omnipresence itself as a particular divine energy or attribute, rather than a defining feature of all divine energy.

Gregory Palamas – The Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts

He instead says that Palamad infinitely transcends these unoriginate virtues. Alexey Kolykhalov rated it it was amazing May 23, With which we agree with Palamas: Divine energeia reveals something of the Superessential, which we apprehend papamas divine attributes. We might avoid heresy by noting that this act is not a substance ousiasince it is distinct from the Divine Essence, and certainly cannot be any part of the world, for the world has not yet been created.


Our virtues, participating in divine virtues e. Or more precisely and better put, we have to have a good grounding in philosophy before we can understand God. Although Maimonides accepted the idea that existence is ordinarily an accident of palamaas, in the case of God existence is absolute i. The Spirit sends it out in the hypostasis of another ibid. If God is anterior to the divinizing energy as St.

Yet these acts considered per se are not extraneous to the Essence, which itself is pure Act, as the Thomists teach.

Barlaam invokes gregorh authority of Denys as showing that the participable powers or energies are created, for Trias says: Catholic Encyclopedias. Gregory admits only that the divine glory, not the Divine Essence, is visible. Index to Foreword Preface and Introduction. Palamas invokes the famous example that Christ has two natures and two energies, one human and one divine in each case. This metaphor can work only if we hold that the energies are consubstantial homoousion in the One Essence.

Edited with an introduction by John Meyendorff. Diversity of opinion should tirads tolerated in this matter. Barlaam objected to any hint that God can ever, in any circumstance, be a sensible object. In the present context, Palamas treats ousia as an energy, i.

On the contrary, one is made possible by the paalmas. Skendrick rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Yet that act as manifested in the world is distinct from God. God acts through His Essence and no other instrument, so His energies are as unoriginate as the Divine Essence.


It is better simply to accept that we intend our terms to designate that which transcends our comprehension, rather than quibble over the choice of label.

Thus the angelic intellects participate in a truly eternal glory, not some created surrogate. Why do the generally scrupulous Orthodox believe such a thing?

The question of created or uncreated grace builds up another wall separating the East and the West alongside the Filioque clause and others, thus, preventing any real union in the future.

His teaching about the light on Mt. This act, as manifested in the world—i.

Triads (Gregory Palamas) – Wikipedia

Spicilegium Sacrum Lovaniese Administration, And for the most part Palamas, and much of East and West at this time, do not challenge this model for a very beautiful application of it, see John Scotus Eriguena.

In this view, the apparent plurality of the manifest energies would be ontologically posterior to the manifest energies themselves. Alyssa rated it really liked it Sep 20, These councils upheld the Palamist doctrines, and subsequent patriarchs of Constantinople aggressively promoted hesychasm as a condition of communion, even in other Orthodox patriarchates.