The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (abbreviated as RPG) was produced in line with GURPS Third Edition, focusing on the Lite Ruleset. It introduce. I just found out this thing existed and my preliminary probings seem to point towards this being based solely on the comics, which peaks my. Ritual Aptitude (aka Magery (Path/Book) in 4e) was not necessary to do rituals in the Hellboy setting. In GURPS Thaumatology page ‘s “Limited Non-Mage.

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Originally Posted by Icelander People there will believe anything and put up webpages about it.

Does bolting it onto an existing game system work? Find More Posts by Icelander. I approve of punching all three hhellboy of Nazis. Yours, if you can get it to work. The problem is, I think, that there are no guidelines on character creation – no hard and fast limits that say “you may only spend X points on attributes” or “you may only spend X points on skills.

In translating any setting to GURPS mechanics, you gurpe some of the flavor of that setting – it’s one of the reasons I am so strongly against porting Earthdawn and Shadowrun to other systems, because the systems are so tied to the game world that if you take them away you really lose a lot of the game – the system reinforces the setting.

In many ways the guts of the book, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is like if the X-Files had the budget of the Special Forces and recruited the more competent paranormal threats of the week to go play Mulder and Scully. Ggurps 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Privacy Policy Contact Us. A game needs rules.


It’s also a world in which a small number of heroes have existed since the s to fight these forces wherever they post a threat. These things attack plans or floor plans never last ten seconds in Hellboy ‘s knockdown fights, anyway. Disproportionate really doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Inthis comic is old enough to drink. This is basically the anti-old-school-dungeon-crawl mindset.

GURPS Banestorm

Low Resolution, High Contrast Many players and GMs – including some who’ve previously played in other modern-day horror RPGs – may benefit from looking at the Hellboy comics art style before playing this game. Gurp and Lawyers — Features a look at the legal system of the classical Islamic world.

The last group are those members of the Special Group who fell under Rasputin’s sway. This was all written long before there was a wiki or the Hellboy Companionso some of it’s quite dated, but it was valuable info to comic buffs at the time.

It’s the fundamental problem of trying to adapt most comic-book premises or even an established property like the Lord of the Rings ; they are so centered around a few characters or conflicts that playing in the same actual world the PCs can seem secondary, and there is often the implicit reluctance by players and gamemasters to outshine those central characters.

It’s notable for its simplicitywith large blocks of black and areas of single colors. Now humans struggle with dwarves, elves, and each other. I’ve done this a couple of times, so here’s some of my plots: Without having much knowledge about the Hellboy comics, I suspect that many plots ultimately involve Nazis.

He wants you to do it. Thu Mar 27, Hellbog really does feel like this was a product designed for grups book fans that somehow had not made it into gaming yet; at a time when a lot of GURPS products were still on regular paper stock and illustrated in black-and-white, this is on lush glossy comic-book paper with dozens of images culled from the existing Hellboy material.


This chapter is about creating characters in game terms; the next is about the process of play. Lots of fiddly modifiers but it mostly boils down to “Roll skill, if successful do damage.

Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Originally Posted by sward I’ve done this a couple of times, so here’s some of my plots: Nazis and Other Human Foes One of the characteristic elements of Hellboy is that it makes no bones about punching Nazis, whether they be Neo- or Original flavor. D today, it’s headquarters, organization, and relations with other agencies.

It appears to be made of stone, but the BPRD has never successfully analyzed it or even scratched it. Thomas Manning pointsProfessor Kate Corrigan pointsHellboy pointsAbe Sapien pointsLiz Sherman pointsRoger the homunculus pointsthe aforementioned new agent Orson Gaines pointsJohann Kraus pointshuman metal detector Sidney Leach pointsetc.

Find More Posts by Phil Masters.

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Sun Mar 30, 2: Which is not a bad mindset to have, but it does grate on some old-school roleplayers. Sat Mar 29, 4: I Gave the Mouse a Cookie This mainly involves robot zombies, saving Hitler’s brain, and that sort of thing.

All times are GMT. TO ensure that the discussion of game-related matters makes sense, we’ve put them early in the book. In short, just read everything you can find by Kenneth Hite and steal as many ideas as you can.

Ideas for weirdness in the modern world or pretty much at any time.