halina birenbaum “Nadzieja umiera ostatnia wyprawa w przeszlośc”. 1 like. Book. Nadzieja umiera ostatnia: wyprawa w przeszłość: Polska Front Cover. Halina Birenbaum. Państwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau, – pages. Nadzieja umiera ostatnia. Front Cover. Halina Birenbaum. Państwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau, – Holocaust, Jewish () – pages.

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Halina Birenbaum, Auschwitz prisoner nr. Halina Birenbaum was chosen to be the ” Person of Reconciliation for ” This honor is given for merits in the field of Polish-Jewish dialogue.

H alina Birenbaum was born in Warsawwhere, as a child, she lived with the nightmare of the war. In the Majdanek Concentration Camp she spent a night in a gas chamber; in the morning it turned out that the Germans had run out of gas. S he was also a prisoner of Auschwitz-Birkenau. S he survived, though almost all of her family had died. She recounts her memories during meetings with Polish, German, and Jewish youth, building bridges this way between Christians and Jews.

Moje Lata – Wieki w Shoah – Polish. Life as Hope – English. The Monograph in Hebrew Word Document. Sounds of a Guilty Silence – Selected Poems. The three articles mentioned above are posted after a permission from Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum was granted A.

Halina Birenbaum’s Works in Spanish. Halina Birenbaum’s Works in Portuguese. The Trees are Silent Eng. The Trees Are Silent Heb. Czy mnie widzisz, Mamo?

Mother, Do You See Me? My Brother Hilek Eng. My Brother Hilek Heb. She Waited for Me Eng.

She Waited for Me Heb. Po prostu zyc Pol. Jak kwiaty na wietrze. Flowers in the wind.

Halina Birenbaum

Rows by rows I scattered a strange disorder of tears and distant smiles pain and longings pictures that are still only in my memory – like flowers in the wind scattered in the ostatnua sown in the earth. Translated by Ada Holtzman. Halina Birenbaum – a writer, poet, and translator – born in Polandwas fifteen when the war ended and has been living in Israel since Her opus vitae ” Hope is the last to die” has been published in PolandIsraelGermany and the United States – fast becoming a classic of holocaust literature.

Her volumes of poetry include several titles, originally published in Polish and Hebrew. The poet can be contacted by email: List of Halina Birenbaum’s Publications. I, wyd. Sharpe Publishing, New York KircheBerlin Closing Section by the Translator Satoshi Kusakabe.

Nadzieja umiera ostatnia : wyprawa w przeszłość : Polska 1986

Na szlaku Tluszcz-Warszawa, z dworca Warschau-Ost wyjezdza sie halinw i jedzie sie na wprost I podroz trwa czasami piec godzin i trzy cwierci, a czasami trwa ta jazda cale zdo smierci Astacja jest malenka i rosna trzy choinki, i napis jest zwyczajny: I nie ma nawet kasy ani bagazowego, milion nie dostanie biletu powrotnego Nie czeka nikt na stacji i nikt nie machchustka, i cisza tylko wisi, i wita glucha pustka.


I milczy slup stacyjny, imilcza trzy choinki, i milczy czarnyze I tylko wisi z d reklama w ostatjia razi zniszczony stary napis: Here is the small station of Treblin Here is the small station of Trebli On the line between Tluszcz and Warszawia From the railway station Warsaw – East You get out of the station and travel straight Tjourney lasts five hours and 45 minutes more And sometthe same journey lasts A whole life until your death And the station is very small Three firtrees grow there And a regular signboard saying Here the small station of Treblinka Here is the small station of Treblinka And no cashier even Gone is the cargo man And for a million zloty You will not get a return ticket And nobody waits for you in the station And nobody waves a handkerchief towards you Only silence hung there in the air To welcome you in the blind wilderness And silent is the pillar of the station And silent are the three firtrees And silent is the black board Because here is the small station of Treblinka And only a commercial board stands still: Halinx Polikerson of an Auschwitz Holocaust survivor from Thessaloniki wrote music to the poem and it is in his album: Today is the Birthday of My Brother Hilek.

Dwudziestoletniego zabrali go do krematorium. To nie to samo! Czy to jestem ja?

Przed tak wielu laty? Translated by Halina Birenbaum and Ada Holtzman. Nadziea is the birthday of my Brother but He perished In Auschwitz, 40 years ago, signed by the selection – to the left. It’s hard for me to believe that He was at all In the age of twenty, they took Him to the Crematoria, while I was a little girl, I can hardly remember how He looked, I don’t have even a single picture!

At home in the Ghetto everybody was scared That my fate will be the worse, destined to die the first Maybe they were right – In many ways I remained there with them Surly I didn’t get to be a child.

I passed generations in a terrible run Got mixed there with the livings and the Ostatbia. Me the little one, the unwieldy of the family – succeed to live today Deserve to be a part of Her, to cherish Her Owtatnia pass Her image, to pronounce Her name To penetrate Her memory in the others.


My Brother could be a father today, a grandfather. My kids could have an uncle They never saw the faces of their kinsmen! But they are alive and know from what they were born and grew – they will remember. Maybe not the dates bjrenbaum birthdays and dates when They were murdered, Will not go to their graves never dug, graves which do not exist in any place.

But will honor Them, will cry over Them, Will remember Them! Through the stories and the ibrenbaum That they have heard, they will remember Them My Brother will live in their hearts, In the images of their children and their grandchildren.

But this is not the birenbajm He was murdered when so young, in the prime of life This cannot be returned!!! And winds will blow His scattered ashes Until the end of world!

Is osttatnia proper that I sign my other name, which exists and lives? Did I have Him?

Halina Birenbaum | Revolvy

Had I a Brother once?! So many years ago So it seems according to the dates, the numbers of the days, the months They come back year by year, appear Without the dearest. I listen warming myself with her body’s warmth imagining her home in the unknown town of Sosnowiec about the fantastic delicacies though I was younger, I’d been longer in the camp they dragged me to Birkenau from the Warsaw Ghetto and from the gas chamber in Majdanek we mutually supported each other.

They used to lock at the tongue. A with tongue was a verdict for gas.

On the described selection nobody was taken to the gas chamber as usual, but they marked something near the number of an individual prisoners. After two weeks they called numbers of women during a blockade in the camp and dragged them undressed to their death. To Whom Are the Victories? Flowers in the wind Rows by rows I scattered a strange disorder of tears and distant smiles pain and longings pictures that are still only in my memory – like flowers in the wind scattered in the wind sown in the earth Translated by Ada Holtzman.